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From Top Le to right: Lacheev, sumnersgraphicsinc, marigo20, anneleven, Tverdohlib, ChrisGorgio/iStock 58 December 2018 | JANUARY 1/1 to 1/7 New Year's Resolutions Week: This is the perect time to tout the salon services you oer year-round. Create a "New Year, New You" incentive that rewards clients or booking monthly appointments or healthier hair, skin and nails. These beauty "resolutions" dovetail nicely with the twin trends to start eating better and exercise more in the new year. FEBRUARY 2/14 Valentine's Day: The average consumer spent $143.56 on their loved ones last Valentine's Day, generating a near-record $19.6 billion in revenue, according to the National Retail Federa- tion (NRF). In addition to showcasing popular gits, such as loral ragrances and luxurious massage oils, inspire cus- tomers to create the perect date-night look with a display o eyeshadows, nail polish, hair spray and body shimmer. 2/19 Lash Day: Help your customers achieve the luscious lashes they have always wanted. Make sure to display your avorite mascara brands prominently. Don't orget to promote other lash-related products, such as primers, serums, curlers and alsies. MARCH 3/21 Fragrance Day: In addition to traditional ragrances, take advantage o this uncommon holiday to also promote aromatherapy products made with essential oils. The popularity o these stress-relieving products, particularly among millennials, continues to grow, with the U.S. essential oil market expected to reach $7.34 billion in revenue by 2024, says a report by Grand View Research. APRIL 4/22 Earth Day: With an emphasis on a cleaner, greener liestyle, this holiday oers the perect opportunity to generate excitement about your natural brand oerings. Consumer demand or healthier options continues to make this the astest-growing beauty segment. According to Nielsen, personal care products eaturing natural claims generated $1.3 billion in annual sales last year, up rom just $230 million in 2013. MAY 5/12 Mother's Day: For two years running, NRF reports that Americans topped a record-setting $23 billion in spending or mom's special day–an even bigger mother lode or retailers than Valentine's Day sales! In addi- tion to stocking popular gits such as luxurious bath and body products, consider oering a mother/daughter discount or your salon services. 5/27 Memorial Day: This three-day weekend has become one o the biggest shopping events o the year, with the average consumer expected to spend nearly $500 in retail, according to Adweek. Start the summer o right with an SPF push, eaturing sunscreens, lip balms and sprays that oer sun protection rom head to toe. JUNE 6/1 Nail Polish Day: Just in time or sandal weather, encourage your customers to get playul with summer nail shades or their ingers and toes. On social media, ask your customers to post photos o their best nail art to win a rale prize. 6/16 Father's Day: This day or dads is slowly growing into a bigger retail event, bringing in a respectable $15.3 billion in sales last year, accord- ing to the NRF. This upward trend pairs perectly with the booming market or male grooming products, such as guys-only skincare lines, shaving products and accessories. Bonus: More than 80 percent o male grooming products are sold in brick-and-mortar stores, according to Euromonitor. Go, dads! JULY Independent Retailer Month: Take a page rom Nordstrom's playbook and plan an annual anniversary sale that celebrates your store's history and rewards customer loyalty. The event can be held any time o year, but the slower summer months make this an ideal time to attract customers with in-store estivities. 7/29 Lipstick Day: Make your cus- tomers smile by matching them with their perect lip shade, then reward them with a buy-one-get-one-ree deal. At the register, make sure to stock lip primers, glosses and balms to encourage impulse buys, too. AUGUST Back to School: With $82.8 billion generated rom back-to-school spending last year, NRF reports that 51 percent o retail purchases were inluenced by store deals and promo- tions. Remember to promote trendy beauty brands to students heading o to college, and consider oering a one-day discount to teachers, too! 8/1 to 8/7 Cleanse Your Skin Week: With nearly $3.7 billion in sales in 2017, the skincare market continues to lead the beauty industry, according to Statista. Educate your customers this week about how to create the ideal skincare regimen or their skin type. Keep your specialty skincare lines ront and center, and consider oering ree samples o individually packaged ace masks, which have seen a dramatic surge in popularity this year. 8/17 I Love My Feet Day: Everyone needs an excuse to put their eet up. Tempt customers to come in or an in-store pedicure. Make sure to educate customers about the importance o exoliants and lotions to repair cracked heels and reresh tired toes. SEPTEMBER 9/2 Labor Day: The irst Monday in September has become something o a sleeper cyber success, raking in $2 billion in online retail sales in 2018 alone, according to Adobe. On Labor Day, make sure your customers check out your website or enticing end-o-summer deals and all preview discounts. 9/7 World Beard Day: Beards are trending in 2018, and it looks like this ad has staying power. Help keep those whiskers in line with a guy-riendly display that pairs pithy grooming tips with a selection o beard balms and trimmers. OCTOBER Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Consider partnering with your vendors to support a cause like breast cancer awareness that is important to your community. A win-win or charities and retailers alike, point-o-sale dona- tion programs across the board raised more than $441.6 million or causes in 2016 (a 4.5 percent bump rom 2014). Plus, it's a great opportunity to have a sale on pink products! 10/1 National Hair Day: Haircare products, especially shampoo and conditioner, continue to be top sellers or beauty retailers. Celebrate all types o hair by oering ree con- sultations with your in-store stylist. Make sure to promote complete hair regimens or every hair type. 10/31 Halloween: Preparations or this celebration o dress-up and candy reached $9 billion in retail sales last year, according to the NRF. While beauty stores traditionally do not see a huge Halloween bump, you can still get in on the un. Host an in-store costume contest with an Instagram- mable photo booth or partner with other stores on your block to host a community trick-or-treat event. NOVEMBER 11/29 Black Friday: The Friday ater Thanksgiving continues to be the most lucrative day o the year or brick-and-mortar retailers, although last year saw a surge in online sales, too. Make sure you have enough sta to handle the busiest shopping hours o the day, which all between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., according to ShopperTrak. 11/30 Small Business Saturday: Extend your Black Friday momentum by working with neighboring stores to drive traic to independent retailers in the neighborhood over the weekend. Involve local ood vendors and musicians to make this a estive shopping experience or the entire community. DECEMBER 12/2 Cyber Monday: In-store traic wanes when everybody heads back to work ater the holiday weekend, but this is the perect chance to reward your customers with online shopping incentives. Sweeten the deal by oering ree shipping or online purchases. 12/21 Super Saturday: Arguably the second biggest shopping day o the year, the Saturday beore Christmas sees a surge o last-minute purchases, big and small. In addition to displaying easy-to-wrap git sets with a bigger price tag, make sure to have plenty o stocking stuers–such as lip balms, nail iles and cute accessories–at the ready or impulse buys. 12/28 Saturday Aƒter Christmas: Thanks to winter break, the holiday shopping season extends even beyond Christmas morning. One o the most lucrative shopping days o the year, the Saturday ater Christmas attracts customers who end up making additional purchases while spending git cards or making returns and exchanges. Counted among the 10 most proitable days or retailers by ShopperTrak, this weekend serves as the oicial close o the busy holiday shopping season! ■ 2019 Holiday Retail Guide Cash in on the most pro•itable shopping days o• the year!

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