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50 December 2018 | "Our approach to education is designed to uniy the team speciic to our business and long history," he says. "For example, i a beauty salesperson has a customer with a canker sore, she will not only be able to help the customer select the right products but take her over to the right person on the health side to ind the right medication to deal with the canker sore." He also stresses that what makes the team cohesive, and individuals more inclined to stay longer, is that Merz is not a commission-based business. Instead, it oers a stronger hourly wage and sig- niicant health insurance coverage and savings beneits or ull-time employees not typically ound in the retail sector. "We pay a wage that's higher than the industry standard, and know that we're taking care o them and providing things that are necessities in today's society," he says. "While many people working in retail won't have a retirement account, my eeling is that [working or Merz] should not be viewed as a transitional job. Whether somebody stays with us or ive, 10 or more years and decides to leave us, I want them to come away with something that will help them down the line." HAND-SELECTED STAFF K-beauty superstar brand Innisree (a part o the Amorepaciic amily) has parlayed its international appeal into 13 countries. Ater successully setting roots down in the New York City area, it's poised to open numerous stores throughout the U.S. over the next year. The eort will o course necessitate the hiring o managerial and sales sta who can adeptly leverage the brand's all-ages appeal, eco-riendly ingredients rom South Korea's Jeju Island and the approachable, "sel-select" merchandising within Innisree's high- volume shopping environment. "For store manager openings, we look or ive to 10 years prior experience, depending on the location o the store," explains Rosemary"Gaudiuso, head o Innisree"USA's Education and Training. "For assistant managers, it's important that they have three to ive years o experience in retail"and/or in beauty. I we hire a strong store manager candidate whose experience is more on the retail [side], we will ind balance with an assistant manager candidate whose experience in beauty is dominant." Because putting a cohesive sta together is a crucial part o Innisree's retail success, Gaudiuso emphasizes that hand-picking candidates–especially at the managerial levels–will more likely draw candidates who are serious about work- ing with Innisree long-term. Rather than whittle down a large pool o applicants rom online and in-person sources, she will oten cut out the middle steps and seek out talent rom LinkedIn, Indeed and her own network o beauty industry contacts to ind those with potential or long-term success at the company–even i they have not applied or the opening. "Since I am responsible or inding the best candidates or the job openings, I take a proactive approach by starting a conversation with [candidates I have ound]," Gaudiuso says. "I will encourage the conversation to continue i they're interested in exploring a manager or assistant manager position. With our beauty advisers (salespeople), I seek candidates who are enthusiastic about learning more about"Innisree. I excellent candidates are students, or come rom ood service or other backgrounds, we can train them, especially i they are already amiliar with and passionate about the brand and willing to learn what's necessary to excel in our store." Gaudiuso adds that because there are so many products to choose rom, employees at all levels are trained to actively listen to the customers and not recommend anything until they've asked enough questions to get a real sense o what the customer is truly looking or. "As"Innisree"draws people o all age groups to the store, will all customers need or want our best-selling product? Chances are that the answer is no," she says. "This is why we train our advisers to ask open-ended questions, repeating back what the customer tells them and opening a conversation with remarks like, 'Tell me about your skin.' This puts a customer in any age group at ease and shows that the adviser is genuinely interested in his or her shopping experience." SALON PAUSE Although cutters, colorists and stylists can make or break a hair salon, the retail portion o the shop can be a strong supporting player in its long-term success. Courtesy o Canvas 21 ST CENTURY RECRUITING Aman Brar, the CEO and creator of Canvas, reveals a totally modern way to tap today's millennial and Gen Z talent. "In a specialized industry like beauty where there's a high volume of applicants, many companies are looking for a niche fit in terms of technical ability and interpersonal skill set to best interact with clients," observes Aman Brar, creator and CEO of Canvas, a technical application whichallows employers to engage withmultiplecandidates in an efficient, customizable manner. "Millennials and Gen Zers now make up nearly half–48 percent– of the population, and by 2025 more than 50 million in these age brackets will be looking for jobs," he explains. "Between their generational takeover of the workforce and their rising use of tech- nology for everyday activities, it's no surprise that traditional phone interviews are going the way of flip phones in today's workplace." Brar says that reaching qualified candidates highly experienced with makeup, aesthetics or technical expertise can be difficult because of the number of hours they spend on the floor with customers in a current position. In lieu of leaving multiple phone messages or emails, Canvas enables recruiters and hiring decision-makers to connect with job candidates within minutes of receiving their application or resume by sending a quick text message via a text-based recruiting platform. Before taking the time to interview candidates over the phone or in person, recruiters can send questions with the simple click of a button to determine if the candidate has the quantifiable experience they're looking for. By screening candidates via text message rather than on a traditional phone call, recruiters can save time and connect with three to five times the number of candidates than they're able to reach via traditional recruiting methods. "When it comes to interviewing these candidates, using text recruiting is a fast way to get to know the personality of a potential employee," says Brar. "After the initial conversation, you can then determine whether to bring in the candidate for a phone call or in-person interview. With Canvas' integration of emojis and Bitmojis, it's even easier for recruiters to get a sense of the candidate's personality and wit, which can help determine if they're a fit for the position." As hiring demands change along with cosmetic breakthroughs, Brar points out that it is important for hiring managers to understand how the changing times in today's workforce are impacting interviewing techniques, especially as a serious labor shortage exists across the U.S. As a result of today's job market, recruiters and hiring managers should be working to not only expedite the hiring process but to ensure they market their businesses accordingly and target the right candidate for the job.

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