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DEC 2018

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Page 48 of 63 | December 2018 45 when just looking in the windows, you get a sense o calm," Perry says. "But the best thing we did to improve the customer experience was adding a washing station to the ront o the sales loor. The reason is simple: When customers try, they usually buy. We have them select their avorite ragrance and we give them a really wonderul hand scrub massage. Who doesn't want a bit o pampering? It is the single best thing we do that converts to sales." Ultimately, any extra touches, no matter how small they seem, that indulge customers' senses help create the total experience. And that's what customers will remember–and it's what will keep them coming back. "Experience is currency, and customers are surprised and delighted when they ind something cool and interesting, especially when they can insert themselves and share on social," Gonzalez explains. "The more you can add elements o discovery and education to create those 'aha' moments, the more impressionable you'll be to customers–and create those opportunities or them to think about you even when they walk out the door." ■ Tracy Morin is a reelance writer and editor based in Oxord, MS. STUDIES IN SCENE SETTING Studies show that slower music will cause your customers to buy more. Audio and video marketing company Spectrio, in an article on how music affects shoppers' behavior, points to several studies with interesting findings. For example, the company reports that most studies have found "slower, more leisurely music causes shoppers to spend more time contemplating their purchases and enjoying the atmosphere. It also leads to a significant increase in sales. Up-tempo or fast-paced music encourages quicker shopping and fewer purchases." However, Spectrio also notes it's important to know your customers and tailor your tunes to the ones that resonate best with them. Meanwhile, LUX magazine reported on a research project "designed to measure the impact of light on customer buying behavior," finding that "customers spent more time in the areas lit with warmer light settings than those with cooler ones." LUX also reported that research shows stores should employ high-contrast lighting for retail areas, diffuse general lighting, pinpoint accenting in shop windows and wide-area backlighting of shelves to create a space where shoppers will want to linger—and are more likely to purchase. PUBLICATION TITLE PUBLICATION NO. FILING DATE Beauty Store Business 1098-0660 10-02-2018 ISSUE NO. OF ISSUES ANNUAL FREQUENCY PUBLISHED ANNUALLY SUBSCRIPTION PRICE Monthly 12 $24.00 OWNER MAILING ADDRESS Creative Age Communications, Inc. 7628 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2042 Deborah Carver 7628 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2042 KNOWN BONDHOLDERS, MORTGAGEES & OTHER SECURITY HOLDERS OWNING OR HOLDING 1 PERCENT OR MORE OF TOTAL AMOUNT OF BONDS, MORTGAGES OR OTHER SECURITIES. None. I CERTIFY THAT ALL INFORMATION FURNISHED ON THIS FORM IS TRUE AND COMPLETE. I UNDERSTAND THAT ANYONE WHO FURNISHES FALSE OR MISLEADING INFORMATION ON THIS FORM OR WHO OMITS MATERIAL OR INFORMATION REQUESTED ON THE FORM MAY BE SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL SANCTIONS (INCLUDING FINES AND IMPRISONMENT) AND/OR CIVIL SANCTIONS (INCLUDING MULTIPLE DAMAGES AND CIVIL PENALTIES). Deborah Carver, Publisher/CEO Filed on 10-02-2018 COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS OF KNOWN OFFICE OF PUBLICATION 7628 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, Los Angeles Cty., CA 91406-2042 COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESS OF PUBLISHER'S HEADQUARTERS 7628 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2042 FULL NAMES AND COMPLETE MAILING ADDRESSES OF PUBLISHER, EDITOR & MANAGING EDITOR PUBLISHER: Deborah Carver, 7628 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2042 EDITOR: Kim Henderson, 7628 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2042 MANAGING EDITOR: Karen Wilhelmsen, 7628 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2042 Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation (Required by 39 U.S.C. 3685) TOTAL NO. COPIES (NET PRESS RUN) 16,365 15,591 PAID/REQUESTED CIRCULATION 1. SALES THROUGH DEALERS & CARRIERS 0 0 2. PAID/REQUESTED SUBSCRIPTIONS 8,790 8,187 ** TOTAL PAID/REQUESTED CIRCULATION 8,790 8,187 FREE DISTRIBUTION BY MAIL 6,947 6,861 FREE DISTRIBUTION OUTSIDE MAIL 368 333 ** TOTAL FREE DISTRIBUTION 7,315 7,194 TOTAL PRINT DISTRIBUTION 16,105 15,381 PRINT COPIES NOT DISTRIBUTED 1. OFFICE USE 260 210 2. RETURN FROM NEWS AGENTS 0 0 ** TOTAL COPIES NOT DISTRIBUTED 260 210 TOTAL COPIES PRINTED 16,365 15,591 REQUESTED & PAID ELECTRONIC COPIES 1,181 1,234 TOTAL REQUESTED/PAID PRINT & ELECTRONIC 9,971 9,421 CIRCULATION: TOTAL PRINT & ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTION 17,285 16,615 EXTENT & NATURE AVG. COPIES EACH ISSUE ACTUAL NO. COPIES OF CIRCULATION DURING LAST 12 MONTHS CURRENT SINGLE ISSUE Extends the life of lash extensions and strip lashes Protects eyes and lashes during sleep, massage and travel Washable One size fi ts all Introducing LashSavers TM TO ORDER: 800.690.1654 DISTRIBUTOR PRICING FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE Eye Mask

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