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DEC 2018

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22 December 2018 | bit more and then launch and push it as a regular, steady product," he says. In January 2019, at the International Beauty Exposition in Las Vegas, Izutech will unveil a brand-new category to its lineup: curling irons. "Izutech is not just a …lat iron company; our mission is …or Izutech to be a styling com- pany, with tools to create all types o… styles," Choi says. "Eventually, we're going to not just do tools–because there are many ideas sitting in the back o… my head right now. But we have to get the most essential tools out …irst be…ore coming out with more innovative things." Putting the utmost care into all he touches, there's no doubt that Choi will continue to maintain a high standard o… quality …or …uture products, ensuring that all items are attractive, easy to use …or consumers and merchandisable …or retailers. By nurturing his attention to detail and artistic sensibility over the last two decades, Choi has already taken Izutech to greater heights than he could've ever imagined– and he has no plans on stopping anytime soon. "I never had business experience in the past. What I did have was experience in product design and development, marketing and sales. But business is a di……erent animal because you have to understand cash …low, …inances and accounting, so there was a big learning curve. That made it more challenging and …un …or me. I'm always looking …or challenges and I get bored easily. Running a business is the right …orte …or me," he concludes. Using his aptitude …or picking up new skills and learning through good, old-…ashioned trial and error, there's no telling how high this savvy entrepreneur will soar. ■ GET CONNECTED! @izutechpro These dual-voltage, foldable blowdryers are a traveler's best friend. The TORO2400 Mini Dryers feature powerful, 1,200-watt motors with high heat and two fan settings. Your customers will be impressed with how much punch these little guys pack. Available in four gorgeous shades. SRP: $59.95 (each) "Design is not just about the beauti…ication o… a product; it's truly a solution to all levels o… the process."

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