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12 December 2018 | haircut, hair color, nail, makeup, eyelash, brow and/or spa services. More •requent contact with customers also strengthens customer relationships and loyalty. BEFORE AND AFTER When it comes to the holidays, thinking ahead will pay o•• later. In •act, the NRF reported in its 2017 Holiday Planning Playbook that 54 percent o• consumers begin researching their purchases in October or earlier. I• you haven't already, Oskin advises, create a year-end holiday marketing calendar so that you'll be ready with an organized strategy to promote every product and category •rom November through Valentine's Day. "Also create a weekly email blast starting in early November, and send a series o• promo- tional •lyers via email to all o• your VIP or loyalty clients," he adds. "Make sure each one has an irresistible coupon or gi•t certi•icate that is valid •or only one week, or •or one speci•ic category with an expiration date–and note that the o••er is one per person, with no double discounts." You can send out these weekly emails through the •irst week o• January, be•ore going back to one or two announcements per month. Bounce-back o••ers can also entice holiday shoppers to return as soon as possible–•or example, promoting special discounts or gi•ts with purchase until the end o• January (or within the •irst quarter o• the year). "Create •lyers that promote your January and Valentine's Day spe- cials," Oskin says. "These •lyers should show color•ul photos o• products and include two to •our mini gi•t certi•icates, with each one good •or a di••erent week or a di••erent product category." Finally, encourage consumers to con- tinue the conversation long a•ter their shopping experience ends by joining you on social media. Nokes explains that you can incentivize someone to •ollow you on Facebook or Instagram, •or example, by o••ering a promo only •or •ans and •ol- lowers. "You can o••er specials •or those who post your hashtag or comment on your page, which gets you in the •low o• •eeds and ramps up awareness," she says. "But, as with anything else, make sure the content on your social media page is something that the consumer is inter- ested in. It has to •eel authentic or people get •rustrated and un•ollow. Always ask yoursel•, 'What does the consumer want, and how can I give it to them?'" LOYALTY PAYS By motivating holiday customers to sign up •or your loyalty program, you'll not only gain new members; you'll be able to assemble crucial data on shoppers' spending habits, pre•erences and interests. But, just as with social media, Nokes warns, •irst make sure that you're giving something back. "You de•initely want to ask yoursel•, 'What is the consumer getting, and how does this bene•it them?' or they will get •rustrated when simply bombarded with promotional activity," she explains. "Around your loyalty program, you want to o••er targeted incentives and promos–not just encouraging sales in general or pushing products they don't even buy." You can also expand and revitalize your loyalty program with a new-customer re•erral program. Oskin recommends o••ering •reebies or discounts (think $5 o•• any $20 purchase) when current customers re•er •riends, relatives or coworkers–and then give the new member the same discount •or a win-win that may establish an ongoing relationship. "Collect every new member's name, address, email, phone, birth date and •ull contact in•orma- tion •or •ollow-up communications all year long," Oskin adds. "Start your communica- tions right away a•ter the new year begins." Once you've gathered their contact details, Nokes says, don't stop there; use that opportunity to learn more about them–and, ultimately, better serve them. For example, what trends are they interested in? What types o• events entice them to visit the store? "Beauty is so interactive and engaging, so it's great to get people in •or trials and demos, whether you're showing o•• a new product line or a speci•ic technique like contouring," Nokes explains. "You want to look out •or the latest trends–and how to educate and build events around them–but you also want to tailor and target. Or you can put di••erent types o• events or topics on a rotation so you make sure you're hitting di••erent groups o• consumers." Ultimately, Nokes says, you should be mining your loyalty program and purchase data to give you a more holistic sense o• who your consumers are, how they behave and what tactics will encourage them to return. This isn't an easy task, but observing new product launches and trends will help guide your e••ort. And, at a time when indie brands are booming, be prepared to remain on the lookout •or •ledgling companies that have a unique story to tell; a•ter all, today's customers are relying on you to bring them the latest and greatest. "I• you think about what people now expect •rom boutique-style or department stores, consumers like to see curation," Nokes points out. "With so many products and so much in•ormation out there, i• you can tailor and curate well, you're much more likely to engage them over the long haul." ■ Tracy Morin is a reelance writer and editor based in Oxord, MS. "One o• the best ways to ensure your •irst-time seasonal buyers keep coming back a•ter the holidays is to provide outstanding customer service." —Nancy Friedman, president, Telephone Doctor Customer Service Training KEY STATS The National Retail Federation's Holiday Planning Playbook offers these key findings from its 2017 report, which surveyed 2,040 holiday shoppers. are influenced by online service-oriented reviews when making buying decisions 88% Find the full report at 63% would like to use more online wish lists/registries from retailers for future gift purchasing of customers share their positive retail experiences 87% take gift ideas from family and friends 44% 54% 47% use recommen- dations from retailers browse physical stores to find the perfect gifts 66% 85% research products that cost less than $50 research products between $50 and $100 47% 44% of millennials are most influenced by Facebook of Generation Z are most influenced by Instagram

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