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NOV 2018

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Editor's Note 6 November 2018 | Kim Henderson, Executive Editor JD Beauty Group's orward-thinking strategy shows how vital it is or businesses to stay alert and take decisive action to thrive in our dynamic industry. Be Alert, Be Prepared and Be Inormed O n a warm summer's day, on the eve o• Cosmopro• North America, an exuberant Je••rey Davidson, CEO o• JD Beauty Group, breezed into our Creative Age Publications o••ice accompanied by his equally ebullient girl•riend, Stacey Skordas. There was an in•ectious excitement in the air– and •or good reason. It turns out that some very exciting things have been happening at JD Beauty Group. During our lunch, we got to see a glimpse o• the WetBrush commercial spot that recently aired nationally (a •irst •or a pro hair brush manu•acturer), and within a couple weeks o• our shoot, it was announced that the company acquired the curly haircare brand Ouidad. Now with the WetBrush, Bio Ionic and Ouidad brands, JD Beauty Group is poised •or tremendous growth ahead. Leading the charge is Davidson, and we are thrilled to share his story starting on p. 26! JD Beauty Group's •orward-thinking strategy shows how vital it is •or businesses to stay alert and take decisive action to thrive in our dynamic industry. The advent o• augmented reality (AR) in beauty per•ectly illustrates how adapting to new technology can give brands and retailers alike a leg up on the competition. This month, we have a story covering AR technology speci•ic to beauty. AR apps make playing with makeup possible online or in-store–without the mess. It will likely be the new "normal" •or retailers and brands wanting to reach millennial and Gen Z consumers. Be sure to catch the story starting on p. 14. O• course, there are some things about retailing that never change—such as pro•it- eating customer and employee the•t. The•t is a problem that dogs just about every business. Although it's an unpleasant subject, it's important •or retail businesses to actively take steps to address it. Our story starting on p. 42 gives you practical strategies •or minimizing the•t–and it comes just in time •or the busiest shopping season o• the year. Speaking o• the holiday shopping season, the National Retail Federation estimates that •or small and mid-size retailers, the last two months o• the year make up 20 to 40 percent o• their annual revenue. To help you prepare to make it a highly sucess•ul one, we have a story on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday starting on p. 34. It's •illed with tips and includes a help•ul calendar marking the busiest shopping days so that you maximize your e••orts to increase sales. We really do make every e••ort to deliver in•ormation that will help you and your business succeed. In addition to our publication, be sure to •ollow us on social media, too. In •act, you can consider this a •ormal invitation to get "social" with us! We have •requent updates on Twitter (@bsbmag), Instagram (@bsbmag) and Facebook (@beautystorebusiness), which provide you with quick sound bites o• in•ormation •rom multiple sources. As the proverb goes, in•ormation is power! Q

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