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NOV 2018

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50 November 2018 | The advent o social media has made it possible or many gited makeup artists to get their work recognized all over the world. Such was the case or Anna Petrosian, the ounder o Dose o Colors. Passionate about cosmetics ever since she was 13, Petrosian attended MUD Makeup Designory in Burbank, Caliornia, and got her start work- ing in the beauty industry behind the counters o Sephora and MAC Cosmetics. A ew years ater that, while she was a reelance makeup artist, Petrosian gained an avid ollowing on Instagram (she now boasts over 1.5 million ollowers), and had ans across the globe that wanted to replicate her beautiul eye looks. "I vividly remember going into Naimie's [an LA-based beauty store or proessionals] one day to stock up on lashes and brush cleaner, and one o the workers told me that customers had come into the store wanting to purchase the products that I used on my Instagram eye looks. That was my 'aha' moment–when I realized now is the time to start my own cosmetic line," she says. Petrosian ounded Dose o Colors in 2013, using her knowledge about what her clients desired as the catalyst or creating high-perorming cosmetics. "Through those makeup sessions, I was really able to learn what worked best or each individual, and what products, ormulas and ingredients I preerred," she says. The irst products Petrosian developed were 10 pigmented, opaque shades o lip gloss packaged in a clear bottle with a lat applicator wand. The lip glosses, which remain a top seller today, can be worn by them- selves or over another lip color. Though the initial ormulation process was time-consuming, it served as an important lesson. Through experience, Petrosian has learned that creating a high-quality cosmetic takes time; it cannot be rushed. "A new project or product launch can take anywhere rom six months up to two years, but this time rame also depends on how quickly the ormula and pack- aging is approved," Petrosian says. "When I irst started my company, it was diicult or me to understand how long the creation process takes rom the moment you have a new product idea to actually having the inished product. That time rame can be long and rustrating, especially i production ends up taking more time than expected. With that being said, patience has been my biggest lesson. When opening a new business, patience is key because there will be delays and disappointments, but you can't let that aect your ocus." Petrosian also credits social media or making Dose o Colors a brand "built by its supporters." Using Instagram as a way to involve ans in the product development process, she connects with her customers in order to gain invaluable eedback and predict upcoming trends. In 2018, Petrosian noticed the return o glossy lips. "Although matte liquid lipsticks are extremely popular, I think lip glosses are going to [continue to] make a come- back–ultra glossy lips in dierent inishes, rom sheer to opaque, lat to ultra sparkling, and everything in between. I also think we are going to see clean-cut makeup looks with pops o bold colors on the lips or on the eyes." When oering advice to other beauty entrepreneurs, Petrosian stresses that running your own business is not a typical 9 to 5 job. "It's more o a 24/7, 365 job," she says. "There will be days when you wish you could press pause on the clock, but you can't because there are always things to do and people to respond to. Remember, dreams don't work unless you do!" Petrosian says that while it's diicult, she put her proits back into the business ater launching Dose o Colors. "You are investing in yoursel and your brand," she says. "It's OK to treat yoursel, but don't spend all o your money on material things. Instead, use your proits to create more products and expand the business." ■ GET CONNECTED! @doseocolors @doseocolors @doseocolors ANNA PETROSIAN Company: Dose o Colors Founded: 2013 BEHIND THE HERO PRODUCT "Our Matte Liquid Lipstick has a velvety high-fashion matte finish, which envelops lips in rich, long-wearing color. It applies as a creamy liquid, but after a few minutes, it dries to an ultra-comfortable matte finish," Petrosian says. Available in 38 shades, there is truly something here for every one of your customers. SRP: $18 (each) Courtesy o Anna Petrosian

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