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NOV 2018

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48 November 2018 | Though she was drawn to art at an early age, French-born Make Up For Ever creator Dany Sanz didn't realize she wanted to be a makeup artist until a€ter she studied €ine art at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. "It wasn't until a€ter I graduated and began working on theater sets that I discovered I could paint on the actors' skin," she says. "This was a revela- tion to me, and I began to see art as a €orm o€ movement, or paintings in motion, which is why I chose to trans€orm bodies rather than canvas and sculpt €aces rather than clay." Sanz €ound her true calling as a pro€essional makeup artist, and started teaching her techniques to other local art- ists, who she a€€ectionately calls her "tribe." With the desire to €ormulate high-per€orming cosmetics geared towards pro€essionals, in September 1984, Make Up For Ever was born out o€ a little boutique on 5 Rue La Boétie in Paris. "The company has always been a team e€€ort, and only made possible with the help o€ my tribe: €amily, €riends and students," Sanz says. In €act, her mother and €ather were the company's €irst employees. Her mother bottled the creams and her €ather pressed eyeshadows. "At €irst there was little money, but as always, my tribe inspired me, supported me and gave me the energy to keep going." The boutique evolved into a one-stop shop €or artists who needed products that didn't even exist on the market yet. "Every product I have ever created was €ueled by my desire to solve a pro€essional makeup issue," Sanz says. "As I experimented in the cellar o€ the boutique, my line grew and eventually had a whole lot o€ unique €ormulas." These €ormulas included some o€ Make Up For Ever's staples to this day, such as the Star Powders, glitters and lipstick palettes. "The major attraction was the collection o€ 100 eye- shadows in a €ull spectrum o€ color. At the time, no one was making bright shades that could withstand intense stage lighting. I created bold pigments in every color I could imagine that did just that," Sanz says. As the company's creator and artistic director, Sanz now €ormulates products keeping the brand's core audience in mind: beauty pro€essionals. But, she also serves the needs o€ novice customers. "I believe li€e is a stage, meaning that whatever your role, I want our products to help you play it," she says. "I sought to create a brand that not only met the needs o€ the pro€essionals, but also connected with toutes les emmes–everyday women. I believe makeup should help people embody what (and who) they truly are." Acknowledging that today's consumers are savvy and well researched because o€ the internet, Sanz under- stands that customers expect high-per€orming makeup. She says, "This is exactly what we do: create authentic products with reliable, pro€essional-level per€ormance. … I adore these strong men and women with real spirit who are authentic, expressive and know what they want!" Today's "tribes," as Sanz would say, can be €ound online, in the people who support one another on social media, share techniques through YouTube tutorials and recommend products to their €ollowers. She says, "At its best, social media is exactly this, and I €eel great joy knowing our community can talk to one another, teach each other and share their love o€ the brand." GET CONNECTED! @makeup€oreverus @makeup€oreverus @makeup€oreverus DANY SANZ Company: Make Up For Ever Founded: 1984 "I believe makeup should help people embody what (and who) they truly are." BEHIND THE HERO PRODUCT Launched in 2007, Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Invisible Cover Liquid Foundation solved the need for a product that could hide blemishes and provide a natural finish on actors filmed with high-definition cameras. Sanz says, "And as technology continues to evolve, so has the formula. The current Ultra HD Liquid Foundation formula is unde- tectable by the 4K camera lenses that are everywhere today." Available in 40 shades. SRP: $43 Courtesy o Dany Sanz

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