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NOV 2018

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Page 46 of 67 | November 2018 45 pointing out that the cameras have been installed or the protection o everyone, including your employees. IF YOU SUSPECT THEFT Despite the act that sensible precautions can greatly reduce the likelihood o thet by employees, there are no oolproo ways to prevent it. A dishonest employee determined to steal is diicult to stop. I you suspect or have evidence o employee thet, call your local police department. Handling the matter on your own could lead to alse or impossible-to-prove accusations, which could expose you to serious legal liability. In a business such as yours, with loyal and trusted employees, some o whom may be relatives or riends, it's only natural or you to dismiss any thoughts o employee dishonesty. Still, both you and your employees will beneit rom a policy that creates an environment that openly discourages dishonest behavior. SHOPLIFTING While employee thet is the biggest cause o inventory shrinkage in most retail stores, it's not the only one. Shopliting by customers still poses a risk in most retail operations–and it's not a minor one. According to the National Retail Federation, shopliting is costing the retail industry approximately $50 billion per year. While there is no way to guarantee that your store will be completely ree o shopliting, there are a number o easy and inexpensive steps you can take to lower your risk. Install Security Cameras: Surveillance cameras installed or protection against consumer thet are one o the best ways to prevent shopliting. Even the most inexpensive cameras now provide sharp, clear images, even in poor light. While the installation o security cameras requires an investment, when properly done, they can provide protection or the entire store during the day and night, especially when prominently displayed signs call attention to their use. Use Mirrors: When cameras are beyond your inancial reach, the use o mirrors, mounted ceiling-high in the corners, are an inexpensive but eective way to reduce shopliting. They allow you to see a broad view o the store, especially any blind spots. Use Signs: For retailers that eel comortable with it, signage is another inexpensive but eective way to reduce the risk o shopliting. Signs calling attention to the criminal penalties or shopliting are best placed at or near the ront door, where customers are sure to see them. Research has shown that signs eaturing eyes are especially eective. Enlist Employees or Help: Let them know that shopliting hurts everyone. Watch or Suspicious Behavior: Keep an eye on customers wearing large, baggy sweatshirts or carrying especially large purses or bags. Keep Displays Organized: Sloppy shelves make it easier or shopliters to steal without calling attention to missing items. Reducing thet is not a passive responsibility. It calls or vigilance and action. While complete protection cannot be guaranteed, your vigilance will go a long way toward achieving a better environment or your employees and customers. ■ William J. Lynott is a veteran reelance writer based in Jenkintown, PA, who specializes in business management and inance. krisanapong detraphiphat, Shampoos - Aloe Vera | Cherry Blossom | Tropical Breeze | Honey Almond Conditioners - Aloe Vera | Honey Almond | Balsam Keratin Enriched Shampoo Concentrates - Now with Pro B Vitamin and essential oils. Each gallon makes up to 8 for incredible savings. Moisturizing and Nourishing Conditioners - Contain Collagen, Keratin, Aloe Vera and essential vitamins for healthy hair and luxurious results. Sales/Private Label/Cosmoprof Appointments call Geoff Geils at 800-928-7665 ext. 110 Made in the USA Divina's Back Bar superstars have been reimagined and reformulated with high quality ingredients delivering superior results and unparalleled value. NEW NEW

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