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NOV 2018

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ith increased demand or sel-care beauty items, beauty manuacturers are pulling out all the stops to enable consumers to recreate a spa experience at home. Inspired by multistep beauty regimens rom South Korea, U.S. companies like NuFace have developed electronic devices or consumers using spa technology. However, a growing number o consumers preer simplicity and economy. It's no wonder ace rollers, crated rom everything rom semi-precious rocks to specialized metals, are having a moment. "Facial rollers revitalize sagging acial muscles and give skin extra tone, color and evenness," says Bella Schneider, ounder o LaBelle Day Spas & Salons in the Bay Area. She created the "Bella" Issimo Roller†or her customers wanting to extend their spa experience at home or on the go. Her roller is made rom acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a thermoplastic resin with good chemical resistance, which can be easily cleaned and sterilized. Schneider and Jade Roller Beauty ounder Leila Carter both agree that rollers gently stimulate the skin's blood circulation when rolled in upward motions on the ace and décolleté, allowing oxygen to the surace.†The beneits include helping to relax ine lines, stimulate the lymphatic system, depu eye bags and reduce inlammation. Schneider adds that using a acial roller in the morning separates the adhesion o muscles and the upper layer o dermis and epidermis that takes place while you sleep. "The advantage o rollers is that they are so reasonable in price; they create an instant liting eect and an invigorating sensation, as well as help to improve product penetration–but or a raction o the cost o mechanical devices," Schneider says. In addition to being travel-riendly, another beneit is that her clients notice results. "Clients can literally eel the enhanced circulation and lymphatic subcutaneous stimulation rom the rolling eect that they usually have to pay much more or with mechanical proessional devices. Also, the eort is minimal since they can do it in combination with other acial steps."† While the simple and aordable jade roller is now generating a lot o excitement, it has been around or centuries. For Carter, it was a persistent lesion on her orehead that led her to integrate a basic jade roller into her skincare routine. Ater tossing out her 40 November 2018 | karelnoppe, On a ROLL Handheld acial rollers inspired by centuries-old beauty practices put an extra spa spin onto daily skincare routines. By Elyse Glickman

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