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NOV 2018

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Page 28 of 67 | November 2018 27 F ive years ago, when Jerey Davidson irst signed on as a part-time consultant or a company then called "J&D Brush Co.," in Hauppauge, New York, he had no idea that his career would take a whole new direction. Under the leadership o ounder Je Rosenzweig, the company created the cult-avorite WetBrush line–a long way rom the days when Rosenzweig sold brushes out o the trunk o his car at a local lea market decades earlier. Still, Rosenzweig was ready to rise to the next level. And Davidson knew that his strengths as a sales and marketing guru could help the company soar to new heights. "When I met Je, we just ell in like, and I understood his trials and tribulations," says Davidson, now CEO o JD Beauty Group. "With my entrepreneurial background spanning over 35 years in several businesses, I've been ortunate enough to raise hundreds o millions o dollars o capital, and we knew this company had tremendous potential." O course, neither could have known how quickly the company would take o. Davidson has overseen a business boom in just the last ive years: steady sales growth or the already established WetBrush line; a game-changing decision to expand to the consumer market; two major acquisitions in the electronic and liquid-line categories; and an employee base that grew by a actor o ive. And he predicts an even more promising uture. Davidson recently sat down with Beauty Store Business to discuss what he brings to the table in his role as CEO, how he has deined company culture and the mechanics behind conjuring such a storm o success or an already beloved brand.

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