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NOV 2018

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18 November 2018 | IS IT RIGHT FOR YOUR STORE? Zuckerman-Kanaan acknowledges that marketing her custom products to smaller retailers and regional chain beauty stores is particularly challenging, as the technology will o•ten be more expensive than what they are used to when considering which point-o•-purchase displays and tools to invest in. "The way we're going about convincing decision makers o• small retail operations that the investment would be worthwhile is by showing its long-term potential in increasing customer loyalty and the bottom line," she says. "Ultimately, however, it's up to the beauty store owner, buyer or management to determine how the investment could expand their vision o• their business in the next •ew years. A lot o• our sales are based on the retailers' gut instincts and con•idence that the investment will pay o•• with an existing tech-savvy customer base." Employee morale is also an important consideration, according to Zuckerman-Kanaan. She argues that when using AR displays, the sales sta•• will •eel more empowered on the job because they will be up to speed with the latest technology. Furthermore, virtual screens help keep the look o• stores up to date and modern. Chang points to Story NYC as an example o• a small retailer that integrated YouCam technology into its retail space early in the game. Harbor, meanwhile, notes that NYX Pro•essional Makeup was one o• Per•ect365 PRO's early adopters, as was high-end brand Anna Sui, known •or its elegant and intimate boutiques. "We launched in [Sui's] New York City store with a virtual master class led by celebrity makeup artist Kabuki," Harbor says. "In addition, we've had an ongoing partnership with Anna Sui, allowing virtual try-ons in-store. We listen to our brand partners and innovate based on their needs and the changes in the market. When you are developing a complete plat•orm that re•lects the needs and wants o• the audiences you serve, based on their •eedback, everything else will •all into place naturally." Harbor notes that as technology moves quickly, innovation is key–no matter the size o• the retailer. As her company and others invest a lot in industry research, and are able to survey thousands o• users in a very short period o• time, the customer •eedback that comes almost instantaneously stands to bene•it retailers o• all sizes, meriting an investment in on-premise technology. TAPPING THE MEN'S MARKET Although gaming technology has long been a staple in marketing products to male consumers, it can also help brands and retailers expand their customer base and generate greater awareness in grooming products. "Beauty is universal. YouCam also o••ers •un, interactive AI experiences •or men's hair color and skin health, spanning well beyond color cosmetics," Chang says. "On-site AR and AI technologies are e••ective marketing tools •or attracting male customers precisely because so many o• them are up on technology, and may be a bit more skeptical than •emale customers about current beauty and grooming trends," Zuckerman-Kanaan says. "Its presence can potentially bring men into a retail space they would not normally go into." Harbor acknowledges that Per•ect365 has a small but growing percentage o• male users, as well as partnering skincare companies with men's ranges. "We just launched virtual looks •rom The Look: All Stars, a television show starring [hairstylist and salon owner] Kim Vo and Tori Spelling. The •irst looks include one •or men. Our plat•orm is primarily made up o• women, but we want to be an inclusive community open to anyone." No matter what brands and products individual customers •avor, there's no doubt the plug-and-play approach to this retail technology is a game changer in every sense o• the word. ■ Elyse Glickman is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers wellness, beauty, gastronomy, travel and business trends. "The best AR applications •or retail are very immersive, which makes the customers •eel like they are in another reality experiencing the product in real time." –Liron Zuckerman-Kanaan, ounder and CEO, Edge-MT Celebrity makeup artist Kabuki leads a virtual master class or Perect365 PRO. Walgreens shoppers can use the SkinID adviser in stores to get personalized product recommendations based on their needs. Beauty enthusiasts can virtually try-on hundreds o products with the YouCam Makeup app.

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