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NOV 2018

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16 November 2018 | Drugstore chain Walgreens, meanwhile, has literally taken this mode o technology skin deep with its new skinID. This skincare analysis tool, targeted at young customers seeking practical, everyday skincare guidance, uses a similar "quiz" model to Sephora's Foundation Finder. Ater a customer answers questions about their skin type, SkinID interprets the data to build an aordable, customized, three-step routine. LOGGING ON AND SIGNING IN Alice H. Chang, CEO o Perect Corp., drew inspiration or YouCam's augmented reality apps rom her own rustrations as a consumer wanting to learn about new products and makeup looks in a way that would be a "quick, eicient and clean integrated beauty journey." That simple idea primed her to apply her technology knowledge and her developers' skills to create a amily o apps, including some that could be used in a retail environment. Ž "Our mission is to empower your beauty journey, and our true-to-lie, virtual try-ons help customers do exactly that," Chang says. "The convenience, accuracy and interactive elements o the apps encourage consumers to discover their own personal styles, try new looks and products, and eel completely conident in their online purchase decisions." An Intage research study ound that YouCam Makeup users were 1.6 times more likely to purchase products, compared to those not using the app. Other results rom that study showed the correlation between app usage and higher cosmetic consumption. YouCam Makeup users spent 2.7 times more on beauty products, and try-ons drove, on average, two times more cosmetic sales. In some cases, app usage boosted sales six-old with niche and prestige brands. Millennials were twice as likely to make purchasing decisions on beauty products ater using the app, while Gen Z users were 10 times more likely to buy a product ater trying it on with the app. "Virtual makeup application became one o the most popular eatures among our millions o users," says Cara Harbor, director o marketing or Perect365, who observed this app transition rom a showcase or ArcSot's acial recognition technology to a product with a lie o its own. Through collaborations with large retailers like Nordstrom, the team realized that Perect365 not only worked well or retailers but or customers who loved the virtual try-on experience in brick-and-mortar stores. "Brands took notice and wanted to partner with us to engage with the millennial and Generation Z users o our app," she continues. "Over the course o a year, we introduced Perect365 PRO speciically or in-store beauty advisers to design virtual looks or their clients to try on in-store or at home using Perect365. To this end, we've launched a complete platorm or beauty brands and retailers, rom white-label services and AR online and mobile, to user surveys, complete beauty inluencer net- works and in-store kiosks. We added an in-app chat unc- tion enabling retail beauty advisers to communicate with clients, as well as a customer relationship management platorm and much more creative control in designing customized virtual looks or customers." National and international retailers such as Sephora and NYX Proessional Makeup, not surprisingly, joined orces with the tech innovators to bring those capabilities into their high-traic retail spaces. The integration o these high-tech point-o-purchase displays, in turn, are already resolving a variety o concerns, ranging rom sanitary issues with tester brushes and makeup to providing a more personalized shopping experience. RETAIL'S MAKEOVER "This generation o women wants to experience every- thing digitally and in real lie, almost at the same time," Harbor says. "Being able to see what makeup looks like and experiment with new looks helps users eel more conident about making a purchase. In the retail setting, beauty advisers are able to engage clients digitally by sending virtual looks o new products that come into the store and allow greater eiciency in trying on multiple products, such as lipstick, in less than 30 seconds." Chang, meanwhile, says that the success o the app's AR and AI technologies has spread exponentially through word o mouth and "proo o concept," leading to strong B2B relationships with retailers large and small. The proessional version o the app, or example, eatures a special-edition consultation mode that delivers a ocused user interace that better its the demands o a speciic retail environment. "It can be custom designed to relect store branding and provide a seamless, simpliied in-store experience," Chang says. "The rollout o this completely customized retail build is dependent on the number o SKUs integrated into a [given store's] retail experience. We will work with our partners to develop a timeline that allows them to roll out the technology in a nimble, time-eicient way to stay ahead o the technology curve." Liron Zuckerman-Kanaan, ounder and CEO o Edge-MT, an Israeli marketing technologies agency, says that there are enormous possibilities or the retail arm o the beauty industry regarding AR, or brick-and-mortar stores and online shopping. This is the case or the Brionic Blower Brush, one o her clients hoping to gain traction in the U.S., European and Israeli markets. Her product or retailers encompasses a 3-D, AR platorm that realistically shows how customers' hair would look i they used the Brionic Blower Brush. She says that a companion app or prospective beauty store customers is also in the works. "The best AR applications or retail are very immersive, which makes the customers eel like they are in another reality experiencing the product in real time," Zuckerman- Kanaan says. "[A customer] can virtually stroll a shop that sells hair products and see a 3-D model o the product, reach out and virtually spin it or operate it." Alice H. Chang, CEO o Perect Corp., which developed YouCam Makeup Liron Zuckerman-Kanaan, CEO and ounder o Edge-MT, and the Brionic Blower Brush AR platorm "Our mission is to empower your beauty journey, and our true-to-lie, virtual try-ons help customers do exactly that." –Alice H. Chang, CEO, Perect Corp.

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