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NOV 2018

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Courtesy o Perect 365 14 November 2018 | Augmented reality apps are changing the ace o beauty retail. Here's how to use this exciting technology to revolutionize the in-store shopping experience. By Elyse Glickman M akeup testers and drugstore aisles that prompt customers to "try beore you buy" are primed to become extinct. For the independent beauty retailer, this prospect may be hard to imagine. However, this new reality, which is no longer "virtual," is changing retail as we know it. This big change is coming rom technological advancements involving augmented reality (AR) that add digital elements to a live stream or image; artiicial intelligence (AI), or technological improvements in computer intelligence; and virtual reality (VR), which creates a ully immersive, computer-generated experience–oten associated with the gaming industry. These advancements are now empowering consumers, especially younger consumers, to try out new looks and skincare treatments without unscrewing a cap or using an applicator. Over the last three years, companies such as Perect365 and YouCam arrived on the scene oering user-riendly AR and AI technology speciic to beauty. Their smartphone apps were not only instant hits with consumers, but also got the attention o top-tier makeup artists and brands. The result? They put the power o sel-reinvention into the hands and ingertips o millions o consumers, allowing brands to broaden their reach. For example, earlier this year, Coty-owned CoverGirl partnered with Walmart to launch its irst "try on" experience via CoverGirl's website ( An overwhelming success, users didn't even have to download an app; they could try on products using their web browser. Like the technology itsel, however, apps designed or retail allow brick-and-mortar stores o varying sizes to bring their shopping experience into the 21st century or a generation o consumers used to instant inormation.

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