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OCT 2018

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40 October 2018 | establishing and fostering relationships with retailers to generate buzz and awareness is also crucial so that everyone involved benefits from the pop-up shop. MARKETING LIKE A PRO For PR firms organizing pop-ups, compre- hensive planning is involved before, during and after an event. Lynn Tesoro, founding partner at New York's HL Group, stresses that creating anticipation and excitement about an upcoming pop-up via social media is a must. Pre-event media previews can reach millions of beauty devotees on Instagram and generate excitement about a pop-up before it has opened to the public. "No matter what market we went into," Tesoro says, "we created a moment; a connection. [The brands] are putting that moment out there so that the consumer sees it. It's going directly to the consumer and it's instantaneous, and it's then shared." Thus, the merger of pop-ups and social media has allowed beauty brands to transform a once static user experience of browsing shelves in a store or scrolling online into a shared event where the consumer is dis- covering products in a fresh environment. STATUS SYMBOL While so much focus of the pop-up conversation has been on indie brands competing for that coveted shelf space, the prestige market is becoming increasingly involved too. Indeed, many luxury brands are embracing experiential formats. This affords retailers the opportunity to curate a pop-up by utilizing the expertise of a brand with an established track record. Luxury retailer Cos Bar has experienced tremen- dous success with pop-up formats. CEO David Olsen credits much of its popularity to personalization and client interaction. Many of Cos Bar's most popular events involve personalities and brand founders like Tata Harper visiting a Cos Bar store for workshops, classes or seminars–and plenty of Tata Harper skincare products to sell. Olsen reiterates that these events have generated tremendous buzz and interest from the public, attracting many new, loyal customers. "We're always mindful of making sure we're giving each customer a one-on-one experience that feels intimate for them," Olsen says. WORTH YOUR WHILE Retailers can determine the success of a pop-up by how frequently customers return to the store. By rotating indie brands, retailers can also use pop-ups as a "trial period" to figure out if a particular brand is a good fit for the store long-term. "Based on the performance at the event, the retailer can make quick adjustments or changes in the merchandising strategy," Wright says. Conversely, a retailer can determine if a brand isn't performing well and move on. For Yoon, the combined financial yield and customer feedback were worth the time and investment. "For brand owners, activating a pop-up is a really great way to learn. So instead of thinking of it as, 'What is the ROI on this,' I would say … make sure you're not only looking at the qualitative benefit. There's another element to consider, because the learning you get out of it that you can implement online is pretty robust." What does the future hold for pop-ups? Is it an ephemeral trend or a peek into the future of retail? Most experts seem to agree that pop-ups are not in danger of extinction anytime soon. In fact, the concept is as infinite as the imaginations of the people who create them. However, all of our experts agree on one thing: A pop-up should never be viewed as a cheap and fast substitute for authentic buyer engagement. Consumers want to touch, feel and get to know a brand through genuine connections. Guests want memories and something positive to share and enjoy–which makes pop-ups beneficial to you, your customers and the brands you choose to partner with. ■ Jody Pamela Miller is a freelance beauty and lifestyle writer based in Los Angeles, CA. Shampoos - Aloe Vera | Cherry Blossom | Tropical Breeze | Honey Almond Conditioners - Aloe Vera | Honey Almond | Balsam Keratin Enriched Shampoo Concentrates - Now with Pro B Vitamin and essential oils. Each gallon makes up to 8 for incredible savings. Moisturizing and Nourishing Conditioners - Contain Collagen, Keratin, Aloe Vera and essential vitamins for healthy hair and luxurious results. Sales/Private Label/Cosmoprof Appointments call Geoff Geils at 800-928-7665 ext. 110 Made in the USA Divina's Back Bar superstars have been reimagined and reformulated with high quality ingredients delivering superior results and unparalleled value. NEW NEW

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