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OCT 2018

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12 October 2018 | Focus On . . . eShave The eShave Twist Stand Shaving Set includes a badger hair shaving brush with a Lucite handle as well as a nickel-plated stand for proper maintenance and display. The set is available with either a fine shaving brush or a silvertip shaving brush (shown). SRP: $88 to $149, Master Well Comb For professional shaving results, the Cannabis Sativa Oil Shave Gel blends EcoStyle's textured gel formula with skin-soothing CBD oil and witch hazel extract. Rosemary, eucalyptus and menthol combine to minimize pores while smoothing and refreshing the skin. SRP: $12, The Shave Factory The Safety Razor With 10 Blades features a twist-to-open design that makes changing blades easy. The stainless steel razor is designed for a close, comfortable, smooth shave and comes with 10 Derby Extra Double Edge Blades. SRP: $11.99, Scalpmaster Barber From Scalpmaster Barber, the Lather Time Professional Lather Machine features a convenient push button that allows barbers to operate the dispensing machine with one hand. In addition to an extra-large soap cup and a long-lasting DC motor, the machine includes a nonslip safety pad, cleaning brush, cleaning instructions and a bottle of liquid shaving cream. SRP: $295.99, Bass Brushes To properly prepare the skin for a clean shave, Bass Brushes' Shaving Brush is manufactured in Germany with pure badger hair. The expertly crafted brush includes a tailored stand, available in two classic finishes: tortoise shell (shown) and jet black. SRP: $59.95, Graham Beauty Ideal for shaves and other salon services, the Sanek XL Neck Strips from Graham Beauty are longer and wider to protect clients' skin from soiled capes. Available in boxes and cases, the neck strips measure 3 1 /2 inches wide and 25 1 /2 inches long. SRP: $3.20 (salon price), Tweezerman Tweezerman's Bright Complexion Facial Dermaplaner is an at-home facial tool that exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. Featuring a small, ergonomic design, the tool includes three replaceable stainless steel blades that fit into a specially designed cartridge for safe and effective application. SRP: $30, Jatai Inspired by traditional barbering, the Jatai Shaving Cream promotes healthy skin and hair. Whether used for thick, coarse hair or to outline beards and mustaches, the timesaving cream is easy to rinse out, creates no blade buildup and extends the life of the blade. SRP: $7.95, Armando Sanchez

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