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38 September 2018 | STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD Several defining features that set DeveloPlus apart from other hair dye manufacturers are its safe formulas, good value and quality. Their Satin colors use less than 1 percent ammonia and feature an aloe vera base with conditioners and reconstructive vegetable proteins to nourish hair as it's dyed. And then there's Color Oops, a one-of-a-kind hair color remover made from hydrosulfite that doesn't damage hair like bleach, ammonia or peroxide do. "Color Oops is a hero product because it can be used with any hair color–and it allows the consumer to remove unwanted hair color without having to go and spend a lot of money in the salon for a color correction," Kiran says. Then there is the Splat line of vegan, cruelty-free vivids that come in every color under the sun, including ombré varieties. The recent revival of bright colors, the celebration of hair artistry seen on social media and consumers' desire for festival- worthy hair have helped propel Splat into the spotlight as DeveloPlus' most suc- cessful line. "We really like to help people express themselves and it's great to see everyone adopting this trend of bold, vibrant and colorful hair," Steven says. Kiran adds, "It's all about techniques and multiple colors these days. People aren't just wearing one or two colors. And it's not just highlights; it's highlights, lowlights and anything else. … It's mixing it up. It's expression. That's the fun part." Kiran and Steven plan to continue providing consumers with unique solutions to various hair problems as DeveloPlus grows and moves forward. Product development always begins with going to the source of inspiration: the consumer. "With the customer service in-house, we get a lot of feedback consistently and we have a lot of customers that call us on a regular basis just to catch up and tell us what their ideas are. Social media helps as well," Steven says. "We're unique in that we make our own brands; there are people that do it, but not a lot of people, and not at this size." Being hands-on through every step of the process also ensures that DeveloPlus consistently maintains a high standard of excellence. "We do everything from our graphics, research and development all the way through manufacturing, filling and distribution. It helps us maintain the quality of the product as well. It keeps us agile," Kiran says. Steven adds, "We take that pride in what we're making because we're making it. It's not third-party and it's not just inventory we're pushing. … We want our customers to have the best price, but we also want our B2B customers to be in business." COLORS WITH A CONSCIENCE Integrity is essential to DeveloPlus' mission. The formulas are never tested on animals. "All the products are cruelty-free and everything is vegan–we embrace that. We're female-led and -owned, and everyone in leadership positions here is a vegetarian or vegan. It's weird, it just happened that way!" Steven says. "We make sure we source our products, any raw materials, in line with our values. And we support a lot of charities." Those causes include the Sankara Eye Foundation, a nonprofit that strives to eradicate curable blindness by way of providing surgeries all over India and in remote areas around the world; United Way, a nonprofit that supports local community schools and attempts to increase graduation rates; and the MDS Foundation, which funds research for myelodysplastic syndrome, a chronic illness that is often misdiagnosed and can lead to a form of leukemia. "We have been affected by this disease in our family and want more people to know and under- stand about this disease," Kiran says. The Agreys care equally about customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction and helping others within their community. "We're customer- and employee-driven, and we want everybody to be happy," Kiran says. "That's what it's all about: happiness and expression." Ultimately, this family has a winning formula for success, and their future has never been brighter. ■ GET CONNECTED! @satinhaircolor, @splathaircolor @color.oops, @satinhairoffi cial, @splathairdye,,,, @coloroops, @satinhaircolor, @splathaircolor "We consider our employees part of our family. We want everyone to be comfortable and happy. Take care of your employees." —Ann Agrey, cofounder, DeveloPlus PLAYING TO YOUR STRENGTHS DeveloPlus' Kiran Agrey, Ann Agrey and Steven Barnes provide their tips for success Splat hair colors come in every hue under the sun, and are available in bleach or no-bleach options. Overall Satisfaction: "I think our strength is our employees," Kiran says. "Keeping our employees happy is a big lesson. And also keeping our customers happy. Listening is big. It's something we really need to do because if we don't listen, we don't know where we're going to go from here." Ann adds, "We consider our employees part of our family. We want everyone to be comfortable and happy. Take care of your employees." Make It Happen: Though smaller, privately owned companies have certain limitations, they also have free rein to innovate. "If you can dream it, you can do it—with focus, hard work and perseverance, you will succeed," Kiran says. "It's like a baby; you want to birth that baby and you want to see it grow. I think in corporate America, you don't necessarily have that opportunity." March to Your Own Beat: The beauty of the beauty industry is that it's constantly evolving and changing. "Even against these giant corporations who own the industry, there's still room for all of us," Steven says. "We're still putting up the fight and we're still succeeding. … Family-owned or privately owned businesses are still viable in the beauty industry, and we're changing the industry. We're the ones driving the trends and driving the conversations, and I hope that more people do it and continue to do it. It's a unique environment." Courtesy of DeveloPlus

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