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AUG 2018

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90 August 2018 | Study #3: Bioactive Collagen Clinical research using a bioactive, collagen-based beauty supplement with 32 ingredients developed by Swiss Alp Health showed promising results. The double-blind, placebo- controlled study involved 114 women ages 45 to 65 for eight weeks. One group received daily standardized bioactive collagen peptides, while the control group received a placebo. After just four weeks, positive effects were observed in the group receiving collagen. After eight weeks, the appearance of the skin improved significantly: dermal procollagen type I increased by over 65 percent and elastin by 18 percent (compared to placebo). On average, wrinkles around the eyes decreased by 20 percent with a maximum reduction of up to 49 percent. TRENDS ON THE RISE Established nutritional supplement manfacturers who haved evolved into the beauty-wellness space often for- mulate effective products. For example, Swiss Alp Health, featured in the last study, was originally founded in Switzerland by Rudolf Bar after he suffered from severe arthritis and chronic pain caused by a football injury. Seeking an alternative to surgery, he founded the company to focus on collagen supplementation for joint, cartilage and ligament health. With collagen also benefitting the skin, beauty supplements naturally followed suit. Another example, Direct Digital, a company primarliy focused on supplements for joint health, mobility, sleep, men's health and digestive health, will soon offer beauty supplements. Natalie Jones, MS, CNS and senior product formulation scientist for Direct Digital, predicts that in the beauty space, there will be a strong emphasis on clinically validated ingredients, gut microbiota, multipurpose supple- ments (that improve skin, nails, etc.) and the convergence of the beauty, health and wellness categories. "The growth in this category over the past few years has been tremendous as consumers are becoming increasingly interested in finding ways to target beauty from within and are starting to equate beauty with health and overall well-being," Jones says. "Beauty supplements have now become essential to one's daily beauty routine. Considering that various factors (such as diet, environment and lifestyle), in addition to the aging process, affect the health of our hair, skin and nails, the consumption of dietary ingredients that help to maintain internal cellular and metabolic health should be a focus of one's health regimen because this reflects our outward appearance." Towards the end of the year, Direct Digital will launch a product that will be a "total beauty from within" solution for consumers. It targets multiple areas associated with aging and general health. "This product is backed by strong science and contains clinically validated ingredients to support hair, skin, nails, metabolism and response to stress." she says. While the Food & Drug Administration regulates prescription drugs, it's important to remember that beauty supplements are not regulated. Therefore, it's the responsibility of retailers to do their research in order to supply customers with effective products. Ideally, look for ingredients that are supplied in adequate amounts, have been scientifcally evaluated and are backed by human clinical trials. ■ Ada S. Polla is the president, CEO and co-creator of the skincare line Alchimie Forever of Switzerland, available in the U.S. since 2004. "The growth in this category over the past few years has been tremendous." –Natalie Jones, senior product formulation scientist, Direct Digital

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