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AUG 2018

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Page 54 of 99 | August 2018 53 the belief that there is a better way to look beautiful, with both style and substance, a belief in a holistic vision for what beauty is: looking good and feeling good." Jackson notes that Credo's mission is to change the way people think about what they put on their bodies–without forcing the customer to sacrifice style or product performance. And its founders knew that providing a destination with a comprehensive collection of clean beauty choices was an important step to drive this movement. "Credo offers the widest assortment of clean beauty brands in skin care and makeup, and we also have a variety of services in the stores that you can book online," Jackson explains. "Our staff knowledge in the space is deep, so if customers are seeking information, they're a resource. Above and beyond that, though, we are a beauty store. Engaging with our customers on social media and doing events with the makers from the brands in makeup application or skincare consultations are a really rewarding part of what we do." CLEAN CRITERIA Credo's criteria for selecting brands, Jackson notes, begins with two fundamentals: authenticity and transparency. Credo's team looks for creators who maintain a holistic vision for their products with a focus both on the inside (formulation, ingredients and efficacy) and the outside (the experience, including packaging, texture and scent). Meanwhile, the staff consists of licensed estheticians and makeup artists who offer on-floor services like mini facials, waxing and makeup application in every Credo store (plus Tata Harper Spas at the San Francisco, La Jolla, Chicago and Plano locations). "We really wanted a place where people are excited about skin and skin physiology and we are able to counsel people on their skin concerns from a place of confidence and trust," Jackson says. One of Credo's most unique features, both in-store and online, are "clean swaps." A customer can tell staff which products she's using or even bring in her entire makeup bag, and the store's experts recommend healthy alternatives– making education a cornerstone of Credo's credo. "Whether you're visiting Credo with your friends looking for a lip gloss or you have skin concerns you want to address one-on-one, our staff is ready and waiting to talk to you," Jackson says. "And, from day one, Credo created the 'Dirty List,' a robust list of ingredients that, due to safety and/or sustainability concerns, cannot be used in any of the products we carry. [See the list on the opposite page.] As the leader in clean beauty retail, Credo continues to push the industry in a better direction by working with our brand partners to create a roadmap for the future around sustainability and manufacturing– and we've only just begun!" Indeed, Jackson believes that clean beauty has grown from a niche to a movement in just the few years since Credo's beginning. "The first wave of natural beauty brands, about 15 to 20 years ago, worked hard to create products with healthy ingredients but tended to sacrifice beautiful packaging, texture, scent or even efficacy due to the higher costs," Jackson notes. "They were vision- ary brands, but they forced women into making an intellectual choice of style over substance–or substance over style in this case–and, essentially, that meant health before beauty. At Credo, all of that has changed. Among our vast assortment of brands, there is an entire new generation of creators that are offering both: efficacy, high color payoff and modern packaging, all with nontoxic formulations–and product development is moving fast to keep up with customer expectation and demand." With eight stores now in full swing, Jackson continues to carry on Batra's legacy. After a plethora of challenges and learning experiences, Credo now knows its customer inside out and the team is excited to enter its next phase of evolution–continuing to flourish over the next decades to meet Courtesy of Credo Beauty

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