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AUG 2018

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32 August 2018 | of their ethically, environmentally, cruelty-free and health- conscious consumers, retailers need to be vegan savvy. They should explore the practices and positions of prospective vegan brands so that they understand the type of benefits they offer, whether health, ethical, environmental or all of the above. Davis notes that vegan-beauty knowledge may even help retailers convert non-vegans to vegan beauty. Markham urges retailers to tout the fact that they carry vegan products, "as nine times out of 10, a consumer would rather purchase a product with ethical obligations than one without." He adds, "Making the switch to carry vegan beauty in stores and salons is a simple choice that comes with great benefits to you and your customers' personal well-being, and the well-being of our planet." This also includes giving vegan beauty products prime placement in your store. "Increasingly, it's going to be important to give these products more prominent positioning and to think about whether vegan-type products should be integrated throughout the personal-care area and not just relegated to a dark position in the back," Clark says. In the end, every retailer simply needs to know his or her vegan beauty customers. They may not be partial to plant-based vegan beauty; synthetic-based vegan beauty may be wholly acceptable to them. They may not support products that are tested on animals, but they may be OK with animal byproducts. Vegan beauty consumers are just as varied as the vegan offerings available to them, so retailers must know what "vegan" means to their customers. ■ Manyesha Batist is a freelance editor and journalist based in Denver, CO. "I define vegan beauty as products that utilize ingredients that are not derived from mammal, reptile, fish, amphibian or arthropod sources." —Rhonda M. Davis, founder, A .P.D.G Courtesy of Emani

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