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68 May 2014 | As I said in my book, You're Not Aging, You're Just Oxidizing, I believe oxidation is the root of most disease and dam- age of the hair, scalp and skin. We are constantly being exposed to oxidizers in our environment, such as wind, sun and water, which people do not realize. Elements in water greatly affect the hair, scalp and skin. How do elements in water negatively affect the external body? Malibu C is the leading brand for issues related to chlorine, which is a harsh oxidizer, as well as minerals in the water. Malibu C is also a sponsor for the U.S. Masters Swimming Association and the USA Water Polo National Teams—both use and endorse Malibu C. A major issue is the hard water chal- lenges around the world. Malibu C is the largest-selling brand for hard water issues and uses the same technologies for the hair and scalp issues that are also used for skin issues. While we make no claims to cure a disease, we are very effective in normalizing the "triggers" that exacerbate symptoms of diseases. These triggers are most often oxidizers in our environment that affect different people in different ways. When a customer is attempting to treat a wound, rash or other serious condition using a more natural approach, we encourage one of the Malibu C prod- ucts that customers activate themselves in their own homes. This guarantees the product is fresh and full of activity. We don't claim it will cure anything, but we are confident it can help normalize the condi- tion without any negative side effects. What up-and-coming trends do you see for beauty stores? Beauty stores are going to be very quickly subjected to the new regulatory and compliance issues and are going to find that many of the products on their shelves are no longer compliant. At the same time, consumers are no longer looking for what's in a product; they are looking to avoid particular ingredients. Consumers are beginning to look for brands that fit into the natural-wellness category. The mass market now has a section specifically for natural or well- ness products. We fit into that trend because Malibu C is a wellness beauty collection formulated with 100%-vegan, gluten-free, food- and pharmaceutical- grade wellness ingredients. In what other ways can beauty stores become more successful? In the past decade, the two primary divisions were luxury brands and value- priced brands. Given the wellness trend, one of the ways beauty stores can gen- erate revenue is by providing brands that solve problems. Malibu C is both an affordable brand that customers can fit into their daily life- styles and a wellness brand that solves problems. For these reasons, even during a recession, beauty stores are going to be able to keep a continuous stream of revenue by selling Malibu C to solve prob- lems for customers' hair, scalp and skin. How does your company give back through wellness? Our first consideration has always been to support local organizations that strive to improve the overall wellness of members of their community. We have also become supportive of the Beauty Bus Foundation in Southern California. Besides offering financial support, our goal is to provide the licensed caregiv- ers with products to help soothe and improve the appearance of the hair, scalp and skin of the people they serve who are on medications and afflicted by sensitivity to salon chemicals. Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford, MS. Continued from page 48 Watch a new video at beautystore or at where Tom Porter talks about his Malibu C brand. ■ M a l i b u D r e a m s . i n d d 6 8 Malibu Dreams.indd 68 4 / 1 / 1 4 9 : 2 4 A M 4/1/14 9:24 AM

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