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46 October 2014 | influence and enable. I influence the globe to give me what we need in North America to win, and I enable the North America organization to execute with excellence. I can be sitting in a new product innova- tion meeting in the morning, followed by a business forecasting meeting, then attend a sales and education training event. One of the biggest things that I must do on a regular basis is to simply stay in touch. ItÕs important that I visit our cus- tomers regularly. Understanding what they need to build their businesses is critical. Only then can I align our orga- nization on the choices that we must deliver on in order to help elevate the industry and get our fair share of growth. What have been some of your greatest successes and challenges along the way? My greatest success so far has been to turn around several countries globally from decline to steady growth while becoming the fastest-growing, highest- contributing business for Wella globally. This was simply the outcome of a model that I believe we must also put in place here in North America. The heart of the model is to keep our customer at the center of everything we do. We must provide great prod- ucts, great innovation and impeccable service and education that will enable their growth. We do a lot of things in this industry, but sometimes we fail to stay focused on the biggest thingsÑthe ones that matter most. I am especially proud of what we have accomplished in a short time here in North America. We have the right team in place that is empowered and able to make quick deci- sions. We have accelerated some great portfolio innovation in the exclusive lines with Wella Illumina Color, Color i.d., Innosense color, Oil Reflections and just recently our natural-stance care line Ele- ments. And we have returned innovation to the open lines in a big way. Would you please tell us more about that? In the past, I donÕt think we have put the kind of emphasis on growing our open line business that we should have. After all, our keystone open line propositions are the iconic Clairol Professional and Wella Color Charm brands, which have been proven performers in the hands of both stylists and consumers. Our open line brands address the real needs of the hairdresser and the consumer, while staying on top of trends in the market- place. This is an exciting time for the open line brands, and weÕre bringing to bear fashion-influenced color collections and techniques, exciting partnerships, advanced education and superior training. Our upcoming product launches and initiatives are stylist-driven and consumer- focused. Our newest is FLARE by Clairol Professional, a color line thatÕs contem- porary and exceptionally vibrant with great color performance. The product tech- nology is fantastic. It features advanced Omega-Gloss Technology, formulated with high-precision dye molecules to deliver bold color and enhance natural tones while leaving hair with an amazing gloss finish. The red shades are especially spectacular. They are recharged with innovative Alpha-Red Technology for multidimensional, brilliant color and 100% gray coverage. We believe that young, fashion-focused consumers and stylists will respond enthusiastically to FLAREÕs sophisticated look on the shelf and want to try it as a bolder alternative. FLARE just launched at the end of the summer, opening as a Sally exclusive. WeÕre also very excited about our new Wella Color Charm initiative, which focuses on our popular toners and our complete set of ÒblondingÓ products. Our ÒBlondes Get EvenÓ campaign speaks to that savvy beauty consumer who wants to take the complexity out of going blonde. The Color Charm line includes eight tonersÑavailable in three differ- ent familiesÑto create beautifully soft blondes with just the right shade. We also went one step further to help con- sumers perfect the pale blondes theyÕve seen on the fashion runways with how- to techniques, such as ÒSun RayÓ and ÒDiamond Blonde.Ó These techniques are offered at the shelf so that the consumer can select the right products immedi- ately to achieve the blonde she wants. For a storeÕs color business, ÒBlondes Get EvenÓ offers a perfect complement to Color CharmÕs recent ÒSuedeÓ liquid color collection, six new intense natural shades with fantastic gray coverage. Rich neutrals provide intense color with- out red, without brass, and with all of the benefits of our permanent color. These new NN-series shades in levels 4 through 9 share the same predictable results of Color CharmÕs N-series shades, but add an additional vibrancy to the results without the red. In our ethnic business, weÕre also looking at some very impactful line extensions to our Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection brand within the Advanced Gray Solutions subline. AGS is an absolutely unique color proposition that allows same-day color and relaxing because it contains absolutely no ammo- nia or peroxide, yet lasts between 10 and 12 shampoos. WeÕre very excited about bringing newness to this great brand. In fact, our new focus on the open lines is a fundamental strategic shift. We are structuring to reach and delight all stylists and beauty consumers with products they need wherever they shop. We are actively working on plans to enable this across the board. Our biggest challenge is to deliver with excellence and stay focused on our choices. We are obligated as an industry influencer to help enable this industry reach a higher level of success. "Our new focus on the open lines is a fundamental strategic shift. We are structuring to reach stylists and consumers with products they need wherever they shop." Images courtesy of Wella, the Salon Professional Division of P&G

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