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10 September 2014 | JD BEAUTY GROUP Promoting new products is easy with JD Beauty Group's Wet Brush floor display. The 24-inch wide by 70-inch high floor stand takes up a mere 2 square feet of space while fully showcasing a variety of the popular Wet Brush products. Mobile and quick to set up or take down, it can work in both larger stores and more compact spaces., 631.273.2800 SPILO WORLDWIDE From Spilo, the newest Mehaz floor unit features a three-sided design for a more compact turning radius. Moveable pegs make it versatile and easy to adjust product placement, with a convenient pocket area at the bottom for service envelopes. The display can accommodate 26 to 48 products and can be customized or used as part of a prepack option., 800.347.7456 IBD BEAUTY IBD Beauty's floor rack has eight rows of space for organizing and merchandising its Just Gel Polish. Each row holds 15 bottle facings and goes 12 bottles deep, holding a grand total of 1,440 bottles, providing a clean and well-ordered space for customers. The display is free with an order of 1,440 pieces.

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