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APR 2017

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68 April 2017 | TRY THIS TREND To protect your clients' skin from razor burn and redness, use Imperial Barber Products' lavender-scented Pre-Shave Oil and Beard Conditioner. With mois- turizing antioxidants and vitamin E to soothe skin and provide a close shave, this oil is a favorite among barbers for softening beard hair before applying shaving cream. Customers can even use this oil on its own when shaving at home (without the need for shaving cream) if desired. SRP: $16 (1 oz), imperialbarber TREND TO WATCH: ALL-NATURAL SKIN CARE Men are starting to take control of their skin care, buying more products suited to their needs and devoting more time to grooming. Geoff Heminway, creative director at Blackwood for Men, predicts that 2017 will see more men looking for natural solutions to specific hair and skin issues. "Recently Mintel found half of men now believe facial skincare prod- ucts with natural ingredients are better, which should bode well for products like ours that have multiple botanicals targeting specific conditions like dryness and redness," he says. Heminway adds that market trends in Asia, where department stores are adding barbershops for men and clinics are catering to male-only clienteles, reflect the changing global views on masculinity. Because it's becoming less taboo for men to care and put more effort into their appearance, the male grooming industry is booming. "Those trends may not have reached the U.S. yet, but at least for now, what has reached the U.S. are premium grooming products formulated in Japan, specifically for men," Heminway says. TRY THIS TREND Filled with detoxifying Japanese clay from Tanakura and activated charcoal, Blackwood for Men's Cooling Clay Facial Wash will clear pores of grime. Men can use it daily to refresh their faces with cooling menthol and moistur- izing palm kernel and coconut oils. Best of all, this face wash helps prevent signs of aging and sun damage. SRP: $18.99 (8 oz), TREND TO WATCH: MEN'S MAKEUP Cosmetics are not one size fits all. Because men can have oilier and thicker skin, facial hair and larger pores, it's only fitting that they have cosmetics that are better suited to their skin types. Since 2000, Mënaji has been a leader in men's grooming products, creating innovative skin care and cosmetics for- mulated for men who take pride in a well-groomed appearance because it's crucial to their personal and profes- sional success. "Men don't need to be emasculated by using women's formulas for concealers in wands or pens," says Mënaji president Pamela Viglielmo. She says their understated break- away hit, the CAMO concealer, is "a category pioneer in men's grooming" because it's easy to use, was concocted specifically for men and is unnoticeable when applied to the skin. "It's essential to have a professional-quality product for only men's skin, in masculine packaging, that's easy to use and is undetectable," she says. TRY THIS TREND The "world's first concealer for men," Mënaji's lip-balm shaped CAMO Con- cealer provides quick coverage for all skin types and is easily blended with a finger. Organic and rich in antioxidants, it hides problems—from blemishes, razor bumps and dark circles to redness and ingrown hairs. Every man's secret to higher confidence, this hypo-allergenic concealer is fragrance-free and comes in six shades ranging from Light to Deep. SRP: $29, Mënaji's HDPV Anti-Shine Powder is so undetectable, men can even wear it while being filmed in high definition and people won't even know it's on. To give damaged skin a smoother, even look, this powder is formulated with vitamins C and E to withstand the higher oil production of men's skin. Pressed into a convenient compact that is easy to grab on the go, there are four shades for your customers to choose from. SRP: $38, TREND TO WATCH: PROFESSIONAL FADES It's undeniable that we live in a digi- tal age where social media influences trends; we're taking more photos, so it's only natural that people want to be camera-ready. Joey Silvestera, founder of Blackstones Salon and Five Wits, says, "Overall, men are taking more interest in the way they look due to more photo/ image-based social media—especially if they participate in any of the many online dating apps ... Men care about how they look in selfies just as much as women do." Silvestera admits that men and women both care about hair mainte- nance, want to look stylish and are willing to put in more time and effort for a better result. However, men differ in that they typically rely on help from the professionals to get a stylish look, while women on the other hand take a more hands-on, DIY approach. Bosley Professional Strength's salon owner and contract educator Sara Caro- line says that ever since barbering made a comeback in the industry following the "Men's grooming is making the man that much sharper, that much more presentable. Guys are asking more about hygiene and the steps to a more polished image." –Mitchel Wilson, Layrite

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