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DEC 2015

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60 December 2015 | It has probably been there all along in your thoughts. You've given it some cur- sory attention by trying to figure out if all the obstacles and heartaches are worth the effort. You may have even said to yourself, "Hey, I know I'm doing a good job because I have the best store in the area." But beyond this, there is a barometer or measuring stick you could use to actually determine if you're on the right track—your personal definition of success. WHAT IS SUCCESS? What does it mean to be successful? Can it be seen? Felt? The word "success" is certainly open to interpretation. From a lexicographer's standpoint, the typical definition includes words such as triumph, achievement, fame, goals, honors and so forth. More specifically, it might be defined as a favorable outcome or attainment of a sense of accomplishment after attempt- ing something. But people have their own defini- tion of success that tends to be more particular than a dictionary definition. If you've not already thought about it, it is time you did. To begin, think about what is important to you. Is it a safe, comfortable life for you and your family? Or, is it being financially healthy? Do you have something more esoteric in mind, such as being the best store manager? Or, do you want to improve yourself on a personal basis year over year? Determining what you hold dear will help you form your definition. The key is to give yourself something to strive for. For example, you wouldn't want your definition to be: "Success is keeping the store open." Similarly, avoid confusing your definition with your goals. "Keeping labor below 30%" is more of an objective than it is a statement of success. Instead, craft a definition that has meaning and takes some effort to achieve. Something easy to accomplish will carry little weight at all, while an impossible-to-achieve definition will leave you frustrated. A definition that you can hold on to, work toward and give you that strong sense of accomplishment is best. MORE THAN JUST MONEY Though tempting, avoid developing a defi- nition centered on income. Obviously, you can have whatever definition you want, but one tied to remuneration is merely a sign of success rather than success itself. Too many people get caught up in a financial target. This might be personal income or sales targets for the store. Again, these are goals rather than a true definition of success. Certainly, set targets for accomplishments, but delve deeper than this for your meaning of suc- cess. Some people might say, "If I had a million dollars, I would be successful." But is that really true? A statement like this leaves a lot up in the air. For example, is that million from the purchase of a lottery ticket or the cashing in of an insurance policy? How was that million attained? Instead, think about how you're going to get that million—what efforts will you have to endure to get there? Rephrased, you might say, "Through hard work at my job, I want to move up in this organization to the point where I'm a top executive making over a million dollars a year." YOUR DEFINITION WILL CHANGE Interestingly, as you go throughout your life and career, how you define success will change. This is natural and expected. When you're young and starting out in your career, your success orientation tends to be based on moving up in the organization—attaining promotions and greater responsibility. At this stage, a definition of success might be "to run my own store" or "become a regional or district manager over several stores." By midcareer, your definition evolves to something more personal. By this point, you're more interested in a broader perspective—beyond just the store. An example at this stage might be along the lines of "being the best at whatever I'm doing at the moment" or "success is when I have learned something new today." Finally, at the twilight of your career, the focus is on legacy or giving back. Your years—even decades—of experience are such that you want to share it with Too many people get caught up in a financial target. Unique Designs Make Me Wet! C h s e f r m U n i q u e D e s i g m 1 6 g n s 6 s 360º 360º Spraying Angle Spraying Angle Ergonomically Designed Stylist Sprayers for Continuous Spraying at Any Angle! .com For More Details Visit or Call (800) 555-8895 Now Available: 144 Piece Rotating Floor Display Make Me Wet! Mak W et! W e t ! 360º 360º Spraying Angle Spraying Angle Erg ylist Water Sprayer

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