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JAN 2017

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60 January 2017 | bluecinema, For rejuvenated skin, softer hair and a better night of beauty sleep, these products do all the work while your customers rest. by Karen Wilhelmsen B eauty rest is not a myth. A real physiological, regenerative process occurs when we sleep, which includes the reparation of skin cells. Thus, a good night's sleep truly is an essential part of any beauty regimen. Yet, one in three Americans do not get sufficient sleep, says a 2016 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To help your customers who have trouble falling asleep, there are a number of natural sleep aids you may want to explore and offer, as well as a number of night-repair solutions for skin and hair that will add a beauty boost to their rest time. Aromatherapy is one excellent natural tool that can be used to relax the body and mind to promote a good night's rest. "Sleep is essential for homeostasis and can affect all areas of our health," says Kerri Nau, trainer at Aromatherapy Associates. "When we sleep, our body heals itself. This includes muscle and skin repair, along with allowing the systems within the body to reset." Essential oils enter our bloodstream when we inhale them, as we smell a burn- ing candle, aromatherapeutic lotion or bath salts, or essential oils from a diffuser. There are a number of essential oils with a calming and sedative effect including: vetiver, lavender, chamomile, petit grain and sandalwood. "As we inhale essential oils, we're awakening areas within our brain that govern our endocrine system, nervous system and our emotional control center. Essential oils can calm our nervous system, quiet our mind and relax our body," Nau says. To fall asleep faster, Nau recommends creating a nightly ritual. "This signals your body that you are gearing up to shut down." Your customers can try a bath with bath oils or salts, a massage using massage oil, lighting a candle, blocking out stimuli with an eye mask or spritzing a soothing room fragrance, according to Nau. Here are some of the best options that your customers can integrate into their nightly beauty routines!

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