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DEC 2016

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4 December 2016 | Kim Henderson Executive Editor Editor's Note Beauty stores can be and often are gathering places for women of all ages—and men, too— to find beauty solutions together. The Power of the In-Store Experience ON A WARM, FALL OCTOBER AFTER- noon, I drove up to Cos Bar in beautiful Montecito, California, for an event featur- ing Tata Harper. A coastal town in Santa Barbara County, Montecito boasts some of the most spectacular and expensive real estate in the United States and includes Oprah Winfrey among its star-studded residents. It's the perfect place for a high- end beauty store. I had recently read about Tata Harper and her 100-percent organic, natural skin- care line that bears her name. It's no secret that organic beauty care is a fast- growing market segment. In fact, market research projects the organic personal care market to be worth $16 billion by 2020. The challenge for consumers and beauty store buyers alike will be to find quality organic products that perform at the right price points. Many beauty news sources had pointed to Tata Harper as a high-performing, luxury organic line, and I was eager to try it and have an in-store beauty experience for myself. Cos Bar did not disappoint—and neither did Harper. Well staffed, tastefully catered with light fare and beverages and well attended for the time and location, the event was uplifting, informative—and fun! Perhaps what struck me most was the multi-aged crowd. There were young women present— as well as women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond—chatting, getting facials from Harper and her knowledgeable staff and enjoying themselves. I overheard one young gal talking with an older woman about a concert in Coachella Valley featuring legends of rock and roll—they bonded over mutual enthusiasm for Paul McCartney (who apparently brought out Rihanna for one song) and the Rolling Stones. The beauty business itself is very much a mix of generations and here they were converging—even the Cos Bar employees ran the gamut from young millennials to baby boomers. At that moment, it occurred to me that an online retailer could never create this experience of community. And it made me thoughtful of beauty stores in general. Beauty stores can be and often are gather- ing places for women of all ages—and men, too—to find beauty solutions together. It was a good day for business for Cos Bar. Nearly all who received a facial purchased Tata Harper as well as other products that they had ample time to explore while wait- ing for their turn for a facial. It was also an opportunity to gather information. Harper brought a tremendous amount of knowl- edge about natural skin care. She directed me and other attendees to the products that would address our individual needs. We experienced, firsthand, before and after differences in our skin. It made an impact. Beauty stores offer community in addi- tion to personal customer service, education and, let's not forget, an enjoyable time. This holiday season, give your customers an experience to remember. Give them a reason to come back. No online retailer can do that! ■

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