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DEC 2015

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46 December 2015 | Arm Arm A ando Petr ucc ucc ell ell i Dam Dam Dam am a ian ian an o P o P o P o P etr etr etr et ucc ucc ucc u ell el ell i S i S i S i S r. r. Gia a nca rlo rlo Pe Pe tru t cce c lli Dam Da Dam Dam Dam ian i o P o P P o P o P etr etr et e ucc uc uc ell i J J r. From Italy to the United States, how one of beauty's biggest families created its American dream. by Stephanie Joplin WALKING INTO A HAIR SALON, YOU ARE GREETED BY THE receptionist and quickly whisked away to your stylist, who gives you a consultation before escorting you to the shampoo bowl. Perhaps you receive a color application, a keratin treatment or deep conditioning for your split ends as you contemplate how you would like to style your hair. Once you are seated in the stylist's chair following your shampoo, you observe many styling tools housed in various industry-specific holders. The styling options seem endless: a soft blow-dry, beach waves set in place with a curling iron, or perhaps a sleek ponytail that is finished off with a flat iron and hair gel. Your stylist places a smock around your neck and the fun begins. Photography by Armando Sanchez

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