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46 June 2016 | CELEBrations and Tori Spelling's Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings. After getting a taste of both life on the road and life in a salon, Khein's ulti- mate freedom is in serving as the owner of her brand no matter where she's based. "My advice to hair and makeup artists starting out would be to first determine whether you want a 'home base' (i.e., salon or studio) or whether you like to drive and experience new environments," she says. "From there, it is important to brand yourself in a way that reflects where you will be catering to your clients." Furthermore, thanks to marketing tools, such as social media, she's been able to boost her brand as an artist, which is the key to lasting success. "I truly think social media (especially Ins- tagram and Pinterest) have helped put my name out there as a whole; and my clients are happy to have me as their art- ist," she says. "The location (i.e., a studio versus a hotel room) doesn't seem to affect them as much as you would think; simply because they will take what they can get, as long as they are getting me." BENEFITS Being able to offer it all. Whether it's the luxury setting of her salon, Beauty on the Block, or the convenience of at- your-door service, Khein's biggest asset is being able to offer clients virtually any experience they desire. "Clients do love the fact that it's an at-your-service type of instant gratification with no work on their part. I think clients are definitely drawn to the convenience factor as well as the privacy factor, and that is a major selling point." Creating your own market. With a lot of competition in the wedding indus- try, Khein says tapping into a consistent market is key to success. "The reality is there are so many artists traveling now to work that I think the market is getting diluted and is not as exclusive as it was before," she says. "I think that if you can 'get in' with hotels and venues on the preferred vendors lists, then you're set." CHALLENGES Limited control over your setting. While her mobile services have helped to grow her client base and offer flex- ibility, Khein thinks a salon setting can sometimes appear more professional due to the equipment, lighting and furniture it provides. "When at my studio, the ball is in my court. I am able to create a calm environment with candles lit, music play- ing, snacks and beverages on hand, with my proper lighting and equipment already set up and ready to go," Khein says. "When the client comes in, she imme- diately feels like she is in good hands. When I travel, I don't have the ability to bring all of that with me; so I feel like I'm doing my clients a disservice." It can get lonely. Working with a team is always fun because there's a different vibe. I have been very blessed with my success, but the biggest struggle has definitely been the demand. I cannot keep up with the bookings because I am only one person. I hope to eventually be able to hire an assistant to [help me be] more efficient and maybe one day have a team who can represent my work. Some opportunities, such as the ability to teach classes, have been brought to my atten- tion, and I think they will be a good way to capitalize on my time. WEDDING STATION MUST-HAVES When she's on the go, Genna Khein, freelance stylist, and MUA and owner of Beauty on the Block, trusts these tools to make sure weddings go off without a hitch—well, just the one. Brushfolio Lite This lightweight brush portfolio is portable and props up on its own. Suggested retail price: $20 Stilazzi Godfather Case This case is designed by professionals for professionals. It is heavy-duty and considered the boss of bosses, by some, when it comes to makeup cases. SRP: $550 Colortrak Station Mat This silicone mat is perfect for protecting an on-the-go stylist station from haircolor spills, as well as protecting surfaces from heat damage by styling tools. SRP: $9.99 Images courtesy of Genna Khein Educational DVDs increase your bottom line! INSPIRE Women's Styles Makeover Haircolor INSPIRE Women's Styles Makeover Cuts INSPIRE Women's Styles Cuts & Color INSPIRE Men's Styles Men's Cuts INSPIRE Women's Styles Updo's for special occasions Now Available EN ESPANÕL! Available NOW! Call your distributor today INSPIRE A Creative Age Production Call 800.634.8500 or visit or email Each DVD Only $ 34 95 BUY MORE & SAVE! Buy 2 for $ 59 95 . . Save $ 10 00 Buy 3 for $ 74 95 . . .Save $ 30 00 Buy 4 for $ 89 95 . . .Save $ 50 00 Buy 5 for $ 104 95 . . Save $ 70 00 That's like buying 3 and getting 2 FREE!

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