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JUL 2017

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46 July 2017 | Dutko, It's more important than ever for beauty retailers to provide a diverse selection of natural products to meet the fast-growing consumer demand. By Ann H. Carlson hile many beauty fads come and go with the changing of the seasons, some trends—like the exponentially increasing demand for natural beauty products—point to a more permanent consumer lifestyle change. Fueled by a growing interest in healthier product options, the global organic personal care market, currently valued at more than $10 billion, is predicted to reach $25.1 billion by 2025, according to a recent report from Grand View Research, San Francisco. In both the food and beauty industries today, purchasing decisions are greatly influenced by consumer awareness of the health benefits of natu- ral and organic ingredients. "Our skin is the largest organ of our body," says Allison Grossman, cofounder of The Seaweed Bath Co., Austin, Texas, a natural brand of skincare and haircare products. "If we eat right, why not also treat our skin right? This is a long-term trend that is just in its infancy." Today's emphasis on purer ingredients is coupled with a celebra- tion of simplicity. "Part of the trend we are seeing is going back to the basics," Grossman says. "The millennial generation is leading us back to tried-and-true, simple regimens that optimize wellness. This, in turn, is driving positive changes in the type of products companies are bringing to the market. Natural and clean are in—for good." To really showcase the natural beauty brands you offer in your store, Grossman recommends displaying them in a separate, dedicated section. "Natural brands can get lost when they are placed next to mass beauty brands, as the communication and reasons for being are differ- ent," she says. "Natural brands usually have a powerful founding story that, when told well, can drive incremental sales." When introducing a new or lesser-known natural brand to your customers, make sure to place these products close to the established natural lines you carry. "We actually like to see leading natural brands like Burt's Bees, SheaMoisture and Yes To on the same shelves, as they are recognizable names that bring consumers to the aisle where they can discover newer, younger personal care brands, like The Seaweed Bath Co.," Grossman says. "Having these 'category captains' is a win-win for both the retailer and the emerging brands. It provides a core set, while allowing for differentiation from retail competitors."

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