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10 May 2015 | Beauty Store Business: Please tell us about your background and how you entered the beauty industry. CRELLIN: I have grown up in the indus- try. My father, Harlan Kirschner, always brought me along to the many hair shows and conventions he attended. I used to work for my dad at his offices during sum- mers, and when I graduated college, I was ready for my own career in the industry. I have worked in marketing and new prod- uct development over the last six years, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I'm amazed each time I attend the shows to see how much our industry affects people's lives. We make people feel beau- tiful, confident and loved. The best part about our work is getting feedback from stylists or customers who say they love the products we made for them—it's truly fulfilling! I fell in love with what our beauty industry stands for and the work we all do. MAGNANO: My career in the beauty industry began 20 years ago. It has given me an amazing range of opportunities, from managing brands to building successful sales teams. I have enjoyed working with stylists and salon owners since the begin- ning of my career. Mentoring salespeople and seeing them grow and be successful has been one of the most rewarding experi- ences in my life. Starting Beauty Perfection and seeing our vision be accepted by the market has also been extremely satisfying. Bethany, you also remain very involved with City of Hope. Why is this an important cause for you? Crellin: City of Hope has been a new addition to my work in the beauty industry, and it's by far one of the most rewarding jobs I have taken on. I started with my father's campaign and really felt connected with the industry as we worked together to fight cancer and help change people's lives. Cancer is a very personal topic for me, as my husband is a survivor; so being part of these cam- paigns is very dear to my heart. I was blessed enough to help on the current campaign this year, and we're excited about the event this July. It's going to be like no other City of Hope event yet, so you won't want to miss it! Please tell us about the development and growth of Beauty Perfection. Crellin: A group of partners got together and saw the market for bright hair color in the retail division. We felt like we had a great formula and a great product, and we wanted to bring it to market to see how it would do. We launched in June 2012, and it's been amazingly well-received. People love it, and it's really taken off. We started with hair color, but then we got into hair care, because we really saw a need for that as well. Just last March we launched a collection of haircare products to go along with the color collec- tion. There's a lot of room in the textured market too, and we wanted to broaden our company, offering not just hair color but products for this new haircare category. We now have two brands, Sparks and Curl Girl. We're still working on tons of new projects coming down the pipeline. How do you and Joe work as a team within such fast-growing brands? Crellin: We are a great team. It's funny— I work 24/7 and have no boundaries for "office hours," and it's hard to find someone to work with who can put up with that! But Joe is so great about handling whatever is at hand any time of the day, and having the same mind-set is really helpful. I think what's great too is that my weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa, so we're able to tackle any project as a team. Magnano: As Bethany said, we have the same mind-set; so we are constantly in agreement on the projects we are working on. Decision-making is a breeze. We also have a great group of people working with us, and they share our enthusiasm for Sparks and Curl Girl. What products do you currently offer under the Sparks brand? What are your best-selling products or shades? Under Beauty Perfection, we have our current brand, Sparks. That includes nine pulsating shades, plus a crystal clear, which provide opportunities for an end- less color palette. Our best-selling shades are always the purples and pinks. We also just launched Sparks hair care, which has been a huge hit in the market- place. We have three products: shampoo, conditioner and protecting spray. They're specifically designed for the bright haircolor market, with breakthrough technology spe- cifically formulated to preserve the vibrancy of bright hair colors longer. The technology is complicated, but the dyes are composed of negatively charged molecules, so the haircare products are designed with oppo- sitely charged molecules so they adhere to the hair color. They're attracted to that color to lock it in. It also has extra protein to preserve color. Along with the shampoo and conditioner, we have a protecting spray for use once hair is styled, or prior to drying hair, to further lock in that vibrancy. Who is your target customer or demographic? Crellin: This is an interesting question, and one that we seem to be figuring out each day. Our main target audience was the 15- to 30-year-olds who enjoy expressing themselves through their hair. But as we have seen, from red carpets to magazine covers, the bright haircolor trend really has stretched to a much larger demographic, and we are seeing women in their 40s and 50s adding a pop of color to their hair. What's new later this year? Crellin: We are really excited about the company growth in 2015. We have new lightening products being shown for the first time at Cosmoprof North America in July. We have a kit that we're launching: a tube of color, packettes of lightener and developer, a tub and a brush. It's a com- plete retail kit for customers. We didn't have anything like that before, and we're really excited to launch it. It'll be available in five of our top-selling colors. "We just launched Sparks hair care— featuring a shampoo, a conditioner and a protecting spray. It's specifically designed for the bright haircolor market." Images courtesy of Beauty Perfection/Sparks

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