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10 June 2016 | credits South Korea as an inspiration for product innovation. He says that Palladio has made several international trips in the last year simply to look at category innovation and everything that fits with the brand positioning. He goes on to say that the trips are viewed as worldly inspiration; because Palladio does not intend to be seen as just a domestic brand, as it has been viewed in the past. Winarick says that keeping an open mind and taking the chance to under- stand how the Internet has allowed beauty users to see current trends from all over the world at an extremely fast pace is a key factor in learning and see- ing what is out there and what will be out there. Winarick also credits the devoted Palladio team for always maintaining a proper spirit and environment where talent can be developed, not only for brand growth, but for company growth too. He encourages his team to always be willing to consider anything, because everything is a possibility. His motto: "Never close your eyes to anything. Keep your eyes open to everything." PALLADIOÕS TAKE ON TRENDS Winarick recommends priming as a shortcut to flawless application, regard- less of skin type and tone. Palladio Foundation Primer recently received a new look, while maintaining its original formula. It is intended to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines by hydrating the skin. Results can be seen immediately, and users have the option of wearing it under foundation or alone. Palladio plans to grow its primer line to meet every user's specific needs. Contouring is hot and will remain so, according to Winarick. "Contouring has become a staple technique, and it will continue. It is not a trend," he says. Contouring most certainly has become a noninvasive way for users to overcome flaws, define cheekbones, narrow wider noses, highlight jaw lines and enhance facial structure. Palladio's inventive take on THE DEFINER Con- tour + Highlight Crayon offers users a double-sided crayon with a dark shade for contouring and a highlighting shade to illuminate and soften shadows—yet another example of Palladian architec- tural influence! Although some people have not heard of strobing, 2016 will continue to revolve around accenting facial features. As Winarick describes it, strobing is almost identical to contouring except that it's done with only highlighting products. Pal- ladio offers its "I'm blushing" 2-in-1 cheek and lip tint as an ideal highlight, available in four shades of subtle color that glides on easily and blends beautifully for a nat- ural, dewy finish with just a hint of color. Winarick states that Palladio's recent revamp refined the brand while enhancing product quality and integrity. "We will put our products up against anybody's, any- where around the world at any price point in terms of quality application," he says. Many Palladio cosmetics come from the same vendors, with the same formulations that are found in iconic department-store brands. "You do not have to sacrifice quality for price," Winarick adds. WHATÕS NEXT? Palladio is going to be seen everywhere, says Winarick. Global expansion has allowed Palladio to gain distribution in markets that had never previously carried the brand. The United States cosmetic market will be seeing a lot more new products from Palladio; and the brand will continue growing via social media. ■ Lisa Luna is a freelance writer based in Palm Springs, CA. In 2015, the company underwent a revamp, which led to a new brand image, repackaging, new fixtures, graphics and everything in-between. PALLADIO SHOWSTOPPERS Foundation Primer : Made from aloe vera and chamomile, this primer reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. It also reduces the loss of hydration, keeping skin fresh and clean. It can be worn alone or under foundation for a flawless finish. SRP: $12 d Rice Paper : These oil-absorbing tissues are made from natural rice and come in three different shades. The matte side is used to blot away oil, and the powdered side is for touch-ups. Suggested retail price: $4 PALL Rice Paper : T come in three diff the p CRUSHED Metallic Eye Shadow : These highly dense and pigmented shadows have a foil-like finish and are available in 12 shades. Infused with vitamins and botanicals, such as camellia, ginkgo biloba and ginseng, the shadows are an all-time fan favorite. SRP: $6 C s VELVET MATTE Cream Lip Color : Available in 13 shades, this lip collection offers a moisturizing cream texture that provides a velvet glide on the lips, leaving a matte finish. Aloe vera keeps the lips hydrated and soft. SRP: $7 Powder Finish Foundation : This classic formula offers an oil-free, natural matte appearance. Enriched with ginseng, aloe vera, cucumber and vitamin A, this foundation soothes the skin while providing moisture. ItÕs available in nine shades, and is designed to be perfect for every skin tone. SRP: $10 m g Po for cu Images courtesy of Palladio Beauty Get Connected! @palladiobeauty @palladiobeauty

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