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APR 2015

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10 April 2015 | What's the company's mission and philosophy? Since the start, my vision was to create unique, high-quality hair jewelry that everyone could afford. I wanted the whole world to have the chance to feel beautiful. We never really focused on the highest-end market with the excep- tion of a few luxe pieces we created. My rush is to see women feeling beautiful and smiling while wearing my designs. The more smiles I see, the more moti- vated I get to work harder. The success comes on its own. What products do you offer? And what makes them unique? My design style is very unique. All of the designs reflect my personal character, which is loose, fun and risky at times! All designs are created from a stylist's point of view so they all have some unique quality that allows for multiple hair- styles and personalities. Every design is styled in multiple ways before it gets approved to be part of the collec- tion. Our collection now spans across hand-embroidered hair jewelry, sports and active hair accessories, necklaces, bracelets and purses. Is there a target customer or demographic for your products? I like to say our most active category is ages 18 to 35, but we target ages eight to 80! Everyone can smile and look beau- tiful, and I can prove it. We have a very wide range of happy customers. What is the global reach of your company? We currently have distribution in 14 coun- tries. Naturally, we began within the United States, but we quickly worked to expand our brand internationally. As our brand gained more awareness, we were able to strategically choose which coun- tries we expanded into and the timing of that expansion. We travel to each country where we have distribution to understand the market dynamics and get inspiration. It's an unbelievable feeling to travel inter- nationally and see your designs being worn by people as they walk by. So what is your creative process like? I don't operate in a straight line. I don't like traditional rules either. My designs come from everyday inspiration, and I prefer to make my own trends. Of course, I look at trends for basic direc- tion on what's happening out there, some basic inspiration, but that's about it. To give you a sense of my process, I once created a design from looking at a carpet in a hotel in Mexico City that inspired me! Inspiration can come from anywhere, and my designs are mainly derived from some small detail. I search for inspiration all over the world. Interna- tional inspiration is my favorite. How do you take your ideas from concept to creation? I draw and sketch all the time. I may put 50 designs into development and end up with only four or five in the collection. The finished products need to look as great as they did in my imagination— otherwise, they get rejected. I drive my supply chain nuts sometimes because I can always change my mind at the last second. As far as sourcing materials, there are no limits. I like to source glob- ally. I search and search until I find the right materials to achieve the design I've sketched in my mind. What are your thoughts on the hair-accessories category? What trends do you see right now? I get asked this question all of the time, and I don't really answer it—that's why we are unique. Once you identify a trend, it's typically too late. As a leader in this "My design style is very unique. All of the designs reflect my personal character, which is loose, fun and risky at times!" All images courtesy of Pink Pewter

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