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10 May 2016 | FOR BELLAMI HAIR FOUNDERS JULIUS Salerno (CEO) and Nikki Eslami (CCO), a product's true value goes beyond a good price point. It's about the value it adds to a customer as a person. Helping customers feel beautiful is one of the company's core values and is even built right into the brand's name, "BELLAMI," which is Italian for "beautiful me." This core concept extends to the other beauty brands under the BELLAMI umbrella. "The overarch- ing vision for BELLAMI Hair, NAILHÜR and LIPLAND is self-empowerment through the art of beauty. Our brands aim to empower our customers to express their creativity and showcase their personality through our products—whether hair, nails [or] lips." Not only do Eslami and Salerno aim to bring together all types of beauty under one overarching brand, but they also aim to unite all demographics. More than any- thing, their brands target career-driven, self-starters and the "ultimate boss babes." The common factor is creating attainable beauty for everyone—a true one-stop shop for beauty lovers of any age. This fresh, empowering mantra is one that has clearly resonated with their devout fan base, earning a foundation of loyal repeat customers and a panel of popular beauty influencers who stand behind their products—two factors that have proved vital to the brand's continued success. With products designed around maxi- mized convenience, quality and cost, they have proved this winning formula is truly what their customer is after. This formula is likely one they hope will drive their loyal followers to the company's recently launched BELLAMI Beauty Bar in West Hollywood, California, which has taken their all-around presence to a new level: the salon. Hair, nails, makeup and a commitment to value make this brand both a fan favorite and major player in beauty. by Malena Jaime THE TRIPLE THREAT Photography by Armando Sanchez Julius Salerno Nikki Eslami

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