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OCT 2017

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64 October 2017 | hen Alicia Grande discovered a doctor-formulated treatment that helped her lashes grow notice- ably longer and thicker in only a month's time, she knew she had stumbled upon something special. After years of hosting a radio show that allowed her to interview medical and scientific experts on all topics antiaging and health related, Grande founded Grande Cosmetics (formerly Grande Naturals) in 2009 with her hero product: GrandeLASH-MD. A results-driven line of multipurpose staples made from natural and clini- cally tested ingredients, Grande Cosmetics has received a couple of industry awards this year, for its hero product and innovative marketing efforts. We sat down with Grande to learn how it all started. Beauty Store Business: When did your love for beauty first begin, and how did you enter the industry? Alicia Grande: When I was 16 years old, I started working at a flea market in New York selling cosmetics, fragrances and skin care—and I was really inspired by how beauty can change the way people feel about themselves. What motivated you to create Grande Cosmetics? I had a radio show called "The Health Buzz" in New York where I interviewed people on antiaging, skin care, vitamins and cosmetics. I found a doctor and a scientist who created a formula that promoted longer and thicker lashes. I loved the formula so much (because it actually worked) that they then made it for me, and I have been very successful marketing it. Did you feel there was something missing in the industry before your company, and how did the brand fill that void? I didn't necessarily feel that something was missing. However, when I used the product, which I named GrandeLASH-MD, on myself, I noticed my lashes were longer and thicker in four to six weeks—and in three months almost double in length. [So, I] realized that no matter what, people want their own amazing lashes and I was excited to market the product at a reasonable price people would be able to afford. Could you tell us about the formulation process of GrandeLASH-MD? I worked closely with the doctor and scientist that had made the formulation for themselves, and they changed the product for me to make sure that it was paraben- and gluten-free, and still gave amazing results. It took around four to six months to finalize the formula/product. It is special because it actually delivers. It comes with a 90-day guarantee and has been tested with proven results from a consumer perception survey. What are some of your long-term goals for the future of the company? I have begun branching out into other categories, like our lip plumping category. We are going to redo our hair serums that help enhance thin hair. Some of the long-term goals are to really keep being committed to products that enhance one's natural beauty in the lash, lip and brow categories. What is a career highlight of yours? A highlight was to be able to start this company on my own and to support my family, as well as Grande- LASH-MD winning the 2017 New Beauty Award for the Must-Have Lash Strengthener and our ICMAD City Awards win for Innovative Product Launch with our GrandeLIPS NUDE Collection. What has been your biggest challenge as a CEO? Finding people that really fit into the company and keep it running so that I can do what I do best—marketing and finding new products. Finally, I have a team that I am very happy with, and I feel the company is running very well. What does a day in the life of Alicia Grande look like? I wake up around 6:30 a.m. and get breakfast for my Executive Spotlight Alicia Grande Creating cosmetics with function and benefi ts that enhance natural beauty is the driving force behind Grande Cosmetics' CEO and founder Alicia Grande. Courtesy of Grande Cosmetics

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