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OCT 2017

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16 October 2017 | Spirit Dust is all about mood enhancement—an herbal energizer that helps reduce fatigue and calms the mind. Reishi mushroom extract helps quell irritability and supports the immune sys- tem, sage root promotes a stable mood and supporting herbs like astragalus root, silk tree bark and longan berry extracts round out the blend that the company calls "edible joy," Ashmun says. "This is great for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or to simply get your head in the right space." Dream Dust features both ash- wagandha and schisandra, lending a pleasant berry flavor, plus chamomile to promote calm, soothe the stomach and help reduce tension in the body. The Dust isn't designed to help the user fall asleep, but it does encourage more rest- ful sleep, thanks to its calming effects on mind, body and digestion, assisting in overnight detox. "When I take it, I get a great eight hours of sleep without waking up, which otherwise I tend to," Ashmun reports. "We also tell people to use it while traveling to help with jet lag." The Dusts are packaged in 14-serving jars, or in boxes of individual-serving sachets. The Full Moon Box contains two sachets of each of the six Dusts—a top seller, as customers want to try all the vari- eties and experience the benefits firsthand. Even better, they're safe to use in combina- tion. "They're balanced, so we tell people they can 'double Dust'—use Sex and Spirit together in the morning, or use Beauty and Dream as part of a nighttime regimen," Ashmun says. ORGANIC (R)EVOLUTION With a wellness obsession taking root around the country, Moon Juice is looking ahead to further organic, yet strategic, growth. Recently, on the heels of the Dusts' revamp, Moon Dusted Chocolates were introduced in September. At 50 calo- ries each, they offer one full dose of herbs and a delicious, unique flavor profile (like Brain Dust's Cacao Cardamom Cafe or Dream Dust's Coconut Cream Chamomile). Made with raw, organic dark cacao and low-glycemic coconut sugar, they're ideal for customers who don't want to alchemize their own herbs, or simply want to enjoy benefits on the go. "They're great as an entry point for those who aren't accus- tomed to putting herbs into food or drink," Ashmun says. "They're so easy to use." Meanwhile, the Moon Juice shops con- tinue to bank brisk business. Green juices, made without fruit, maintain a passionate following, as do locally made foods— think Strawberry Rose Geranium Bars and dried snacks, nuts and crisps that are raw, activated and health-conscious. "Our stores are where the brand love and customer journey began, and it's just continuing to spread," Ashmun explains. "People constantly say, 'We need one in New York' or 'Will you ship to me,' and that's why we're focused on the Dusts, which we can put into broader distribu- tion. If you can't have our juice shop in your neighborhood, you can at least get in on the Dust!" In addition to the shop available on its website, Moon Juice relies on premium distribution through carefully selected retail outlets: Cult Beauty, Carbon Beauty, Goop, Free People and Urban Outfitters wellness locations, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-A-Porter and premium grocery stores with strong wellness programs, like the Los Angeles- based Erewhon Market. In New York, the Edition hotel and Clover Grocery already carry Dusted Lattes on the m e n u — a n d, according to Ashmun, a Moon Juice shop in the Big Apple and other cities may be in the works. She also hints at a new national prestige contract in process for expanded distribution. "We'll continue to expand our reach and have a lot of retailers coming to us, but we want to be very selective about where we are. There's an education process that's still very important for consumers as they begin to understand more about adaptogens," Ashmun says. Meanwhile, for more advanced well- ness junkies, Moon Juice offers its Modern Pantry, with single herbs and proteins, from cordyceps to cacao. Ash- mun says customers are a 50/50 split; half know exactly what herbs they need, while the other half crave education. "As modern living gets more and more intense, adaptogens help your body adapt to, and cope with, those stresses." Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon Moon JuiceÕs Silver Lake, CA, location

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