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OCT 2017

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14 October 2017 | Ashmun remembers that cold- pressed juices were still in their infancy; back then, Bacon patiently explained the benefits to curious customers. But the brand quickly built up a rabid following and began selling superherbs, super- mushrooms and minerals with adapto- genic properties, which help the body cope with stress. Today, Moon Juice operates three locations in the Los Angeles area (Venice, Silver Lake and, most recently, on Melrose Place in West Hollywood), using local ingredients for juices, snacks and raw- food goodies. However, its main focus has pivoted to promising patrons beauty and wellness from the inside out—a mission that has swept a nation of newly minted health devotees always on the lookout for the next best well-being boost. It has made Moon Juice one of the trailblazing leaders of the fast-growing beauty well- ness market segment. "We still have the juice shops and sell Dusted Lattes, which include our herbs, as well as smoothies and other alchemized beverages," Ashmun says. "But our focus today is internal beauty." EAT MY DUST The journey from "hippie juice shop" to wellness innovator happened organically but rapidly. Beauty editors and beauty junkies alike quickly embraced the brand, clamoring for more info on adaptogens. The company met this demand with the intro of six Dusts—adaptogenic blends of superherbs, supermushrooms and minerals that are "benefit-led," Ashmun says. "It's like having an herbalist in a jar, because they're appropriately blended for the benefit we're offering—the adaptogens as well as the supporting herbs that balance them—so there's no risk of someone taking the wrong herb. And consumers are becoming much more savvy on the importance of adaptogens as a preventative measure." Versatile but in need of a delivery vehicle, the Dusts are easily added to coffee, smoothies, hot water or food. Bacon even introduced a cookbook with delectable recipes like Dusted Pancakes and raw chocolate bark. And, despite the initial rave reviews, all of the Dusts were reformulated and reintroduced in August, each now containing ashwagandha (an Ayurvedic herb) and improved flavor pro- files. The Dusts' ingredients are also carefully sourced—from organic farms, with a sustainable extraction process— to ensure the greatest potency. Here, Ashmun details each of the Dusts and how they benefit the body and mind: Beauty Dust, the company's top seller, promotes skin protection and hydration while helping to reduce inflammation for an inner and outer glow. Ashwagandha helps increase resilience to stress; schisan- dra adds a sweet berry flavor and helps support and protect the liver; amla sup- ports collagen production; prebiotic goji helps fuel growth of healthy gut flora; and pearl extract helps reduce the body's heat, brightening the eyes. "This is the only one of our Dusts that's designed for long-term use," Ashmun says. "Within 30 to 40 days, customers report stronger nails, faster- growing hair and great-looking skin. Every- one wants beauty benefits, and they're beginning to understand the importance of beauty from the inside out." Brain Dust enhances concentration and alertness. Energizing rhodiola helps boost endurance and productivity, ash- wagandha promotes calm focus (Ashmun calls it "edible meditation") and maca root extract, rich in vital proteins and amino acids, sparks creativity. The smoky, bitter flavor profile blends well with coffee, smoothies, cereals and nut butters. "My husband has ADD, and now it's a personal favorite for him. He wouldn't start his day w i t h o u t it," Ashmun says. "People notice an immediate benefit— though, as with all of the Dusts, everyone reacts differently, according to what their body needs and their body's chemistry." Sex Dust isn't just about boosting libido; it has energizing properties that help promote increased blood flow, open- ing the heart and encouraging creative energy. Chock-full of adaptogens, the blend contains the aphrodisiac horny goat weed to support increased circulation, shatavari (known as "nature's Viagra") to help with fertility and toning reproductive organs, shilajit extract to help with reproductive function, schisandra berry powder to promote detoxification and supporting ingredients like cacao and maca. "We don't tell those trying to get pregnant, already pregnant or nursing to use this, but our founder has used the recipe her entire life," Ashmun says. "It's something we feel both women and men can use as part of their daily routine." Power Dust supports energy and stamina, encourages recovery and helps reduce inflammation, thanks to a super- mushroom called cordyceps, used by elite athletes to assist emotional and physical recovery. Asian ginseng root powder helps restore vitality and replenish energy levels, rhodiola helps with fatigue and motivation and astragalus, as a supporting herb, aids the immune system. "A lot of people use Power Dust before working out because it helps so much with energy and recovery," Ashmun says. "I can tell the difference when I take it—I'll run better and have more endurance, and I'm not a big runner!" "Everyone wants beauty benefits, and [customers are] beginning to understand the importance of beauty from the inside out." Moon JuiceÕs Venice Beach, CA, location

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