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36 September 2017 | ETHICS OF CARE From initial design to finished product, quality is a top priority, and Napolitano insists HairUWear delivers gold-standard products by maintaining strict standards for quality control. This mission involves several overseas offices, including loca- tions in northern and southern China, Indonesia and Hong Kong, working closely with company headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, and Sunrise, Florida. "We're the only [alternative hair] com- pany with offices and full-time employees on staff supervising the manufacturing process on-site," Napolitano asserts. "We employ an extremely stringent and formalized quality-control process, where production is monitored for qual- ity assurance every step of the way. Each brand has its own benchmarks and unique criteria for the materials and techniques used, while employees also receive regular education to maintain quality standards." From sourcing 100-percent certified hair to manufacturing, packaging and dis- tribution processes, quality has become a bona fide obsession. Branding is another priority, which oozes from the new company headquar- ters, completed in the spring of 2014. Clocking in at 141,000 square feet, the loft-like design "resembles a Manhat- tan creative or advertising agency," Napolitano says, noting the entrance- way flanked by a two-story glass wall and an open, expansive reception area. "We wanted an environment in our new building that stimulated creativity and innovative thinking," Napolitano explains. "When you walk in, you're walking into a brand." Of course, the employees who fill the company's offices, both stateside and abroad, are key to success. Napolitano believes company culture starts at the top. Passionate and driven through the decades, he seeks like-minded team players who truly believe in the compa- ny's mission. From office cleaning staff to box packers and educators, "there's not a soul who's not critically important," Napolitano notes. "Your biggest asset is your team, so we make sure everyone is aware of how valuable they are to carry out our goals and vision. They believe in making a difference." STAR POWER Raquel Welch—screen legend, ageless beauty and international sex symbol— fulfilled yet another iconic role when she partnered with HairUWear to intro- duce the Raquel Welch Wig Collection. Known for its bold, sensuous looks, her eponymous line has been one of the largest and most-respected wig collec- tions worldwide for nearly two decades. "When you feel good about your hair, you radiate beauty and confidence," Welch says. "My style is simply beautiful: the freshest looks, the easiest to wear. A wig should be as easy and effortless as slipping on a T-shirt and jeans." "Your biggest asset is your team, so we make sure everyone is aware of how valuable they are to carry out our goals and vision. They believe in making a difference." Raquel Welch serves as creative director to her sensuous and fashion-forward collection of high-quality, ready-to-wear wigs. The HairUWear corporate headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, boasts 141,000 square feet and resembles a New York ad agency. Courtesy of HairUWear

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