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AUG 2017

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92 August 2017 | w Collagen Benefits: Adds Volume and Elasticity Collagen, another protein, is likewise found in hair (and skin and nails). "Composed of the amino acids glycine, proline, arginine and hydroxyproline, collagen is what allows for elasticity, or hair's ability to stretch and then return to its natural position," DaVaz says. Our bodies start losing their ability to produce collagen around age 30, resulting in hair rigidity. Supplements can help restore balance and fluidity, and collagen used in haircare products strengthens hair by improving growth and increasing the diameter of individual follicles to boost overall volume for a fuller appearance. q Silicone Benefits: Preserves Hydration Silicone is a natural element found in 90 percent of the minerals comprising our Earth's crust. It's one of hair's most effective waterproofing ingredients, able to reduce porosity and decrease humidity absorption, which means you can effectively kiss flyaways goodbye. Like good versus bad fats, the trick is to know your 'cones. Non-water soluble silicones should be avoided, but the water-soluble varieties (like stearoxy dimethicone and behenoxy dimethicone) won't cause buildup, and will miraculously seal cuticles for hydration retention. Trenta, the latest offering from La-Brasiliana, contains collagen, which lends elasticity to hair. It also plumps strands for voluminous body. SRP: $19.95, ■ SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: The Caviar Infinite Color Hold Shampoo from Alterna Haircare combines the benefits of silicone along with moisturizing botanical oils vitamins A, C and E, caviar extract and an age-control complex. SRP: $34, SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: • Sulfates: While they make shampoo fun and foamy, sulfates contain salt, which acts like sandpaper on colored manes. Gentle sulfate- and sodium-free cleansers are a bet- ter choice. Typically listed toward the top of ingredient lists, skip these top offenders: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, ammonium laureth sulfate, TEA-dodecylbenzene and alkyl sodium sulfate. • Parabens: Like preservatives, parabens (such as methylparben and propylparaben) are added to prolong the shelf life of average haircare products. But these chemicals may irritate scalps and mess with hormonal balance, resulting in pigments fading or even hair loss. • Alcohol: We all know alcohol dehydrates, and when hair loses hydration, chroma likewise starts to vanish. • Water: H 2 O—especially when it's hot—relaxes strands, letting color molecules escape. Dye will die with every wash, so tell your customers to make friends with dry shampoos that absorb oil. THE TOP 4 OFFENDERS Color-treated hair, beware! Avoid stocking products with these common ingredients to keep pigments vibrant without fading.

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