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AUG 2017

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86 August 2017 | A scoop of 100% Pure Coconut Oil Deep Moisturizing from OKAY Pure Naturals will deeply hydrate hair when applied from root to tip. SRP: $11, SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: 1 Coconut Oil Benefits: Softens and Smoothens Strands "Oils in general function as emollients for hair," says Walt Winslow, chemist and general manager of KAB Brands, parent company of ApHogee. "Though they cannot strengthen strands, they do soften, lubricate and smooth." Of the market's various oil options, coconut is often touted as the gold standard. Its medium-chain fatty acids—including lauric and capric acid, also found in breast milk—make it one of the few oils able to penetrate shafts and truly lock in moisture. Leave-in conditioners containing coconut oil outperform other oils (such as sunflower oil) when it comes to minimizing protein loss, which results in dryness. Plus, the fruit's strong antimicrobial and antifungal attributes make it an effective dandruff-fighting agent when used in shampoo. 2 Olive Oil Benefits: Repairs Damage This kitchen staple pulls double duty as a beauty essential for battling breakage, thanks to its potent concentration of vitamin E, plus monounsaturated oleic and linoleic fatty acids, which infuse moisture. "Hot olive-oil treatments are especially efficient at repairing brittle strands," says Osman Mithavayani, vice president of OKAY Pure Naturals. It's rich in antioxidants—aka, those mighty warriors that fight the free radicals responsible in part for premature graying. This unguent from the ancient olive tree reduces overproduction of sebum, that oily substance our scalps naturally secrete. Too much sebum impedes the formation of follicles, thereby hindering new hair growth. But fine textures, take heed: Because it's a heavy sealant, olive oil can be too thick a coat, weighing down thin locks and leading to unwanted limpness. 3 Jojoba Oil Benefits: Moisturizes and Fights Dandruff On the other side of the spectrum is this light plant-wax sealant, extracted from the seeds of jojoba trees native to Mexico and the American Southwest, and also found in parts of Africa. Surprisingly, jojoba oil is not actually oil at all—because it is in fact wax that contains almost no scent. In haircare products, jojoba oil lubricates without leaving an oily film, making it ideal for hydrating fine hair. It will likewise nix excess sebum, prevent breakage and help to realign split ends. Those with dryness, dandruff and psoriasis can also benefit from adding a few drops of jojoba oil into a favorite shampoo or conditioner because its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties help heal the skin. Double your fun with OKAY Pure Natural's Conditioning Olive Hot Oil Treatment. It's an effective dandruff-controller and deep conditioner. SRP: $12, SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: Useful to condition hair as well as the scalp and nails, Artnaturals' Jojoba Oil will give your customers' hair the extra boost in hydration they've been looking for. Plus, it has a long shelf life, is rich in vitamins and is gentle for almost every skin type. SRP: $18, SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT: From Top Left: Geo-grafi ka, dulezidar, vainillaychile

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