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AUG 2017

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84 August 2017 | ValuaVitaly, 12 problem-solving haircare ingredients. Beauty store and salon owners, take note. By Francesca Moisin hile common sense may suggest that there's no such thing as having too many choices, human nature dictates the opposite. Take the famous jam study, wherein sociologists set up two displays at a gourmet store. The first contained six preserve options, the other boasted an array of 24. All customers were offered a dollar-off coupon if they bought a jar. In the end, 30 percent of shoppers exposed to the smaller selection took home jelly, while only three percent of the latter group made a purchase. From TV shows to dating apps to varieties of bottled water, our brains get paralyzed—and increasingly dehydrated—when confronted with endless options, suggests social theory professor Barry Schwartz in his book, The Paradox of Choice. Beauty items are no different. When stocking shelves, retailers might bear in mind the lesson learned from the jam: Be selective! Here, we've identified 12 of the top haircare ingredients store- owners and salon pros should look for when picking products to carry in their stores.

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