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AUG 2017

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70 August 2017 | two as well. Ceiling fans circulate the air and reduce any feeling that your store is hot or stuffy. According to the EPA, a ceiling fan will compensate for the raised thermostat setting by about 4 degrees. That means turning the AC to 76 degrees with the fan on will feel like 72 degrees. TIP #7 Turn down the thermostat to 68°F in the winter. Turning down the heat should not be much of a hardship for your customers during the winter months. When they visit your beauty store or salon, they will most likely be wearing coats and jackets anyway. Lowering the thermostat can cut your heating costs significantly during the winter season when your utility bills spike the highest. Staff members can dress a bit warmer during the winter and don sweaters or light jackets if they need to. TIP #8 Keep your heating and cooling equipment well maintained. An inefficient heating and cooling system wastes energy and costs you more than it should to operate. It's important to change the filters regularly, typically every three months, but more frequently if they get dirty quickly. The filters, by the way, are not to clean the air for people, but to protect the equipment. So changing filters often will add additional life to your heating and cooling system. TIP #9 Install a program- mable thermostat. People forget things, so the best way to ensure settings for heating and air conditioning are always correct is to have a machine do it for you. Just make sure to update the settings regularly as the seasons change. A good way to remember is to adjust the settings monthly when you add more data to your energy-use spreadsheet. Shum recommends automating energy management. She says, "There are a num- ber of sub-meter and energy-management providers who provide real-time energy usage, email alerts (i.e. you forgot to turn off your lights last night), tracking and benchmarking of electricity consumption and remote control capabilities." TIP #10 Look for the Energy Star label. Next time you make a purchase of elec- tronics or appliances, make sure they are Energy Star rated. Tierney advises, "When it's time to buy new equipment, purchase Energy Star-rated items that use up less elec- tricity and lower energy bills." Adjory also follows this energy saving tip at the salon for water heaters, heating systems and more, saying, "Everything we have bought is Energy Star." Bonus Tip: Don't stop now! You're just getting started. Now that you have created your energy-use spreadsheet to monitor your energy consumption and begun putting these 10 energy-saving tips into practice, congratulations! You're just beginning your green adventure. As you work to further reduce costs and improve your beauty store's bottom line, you're becoming a positive influence for change. As Roya Adjory tells it, "It's a way of life. It's not just greenwashing for the sake of greenwashing, or just chang- ing a few things. Being green is really about caring for one another—caring for yourself and for other people—and caring for the planet we live on." Now that you've started the ball rolling, you'll discover many more ways to green your business and save money. ■ Brad Wilhelmsen is a freelance writer and copyeditor based on Los Angeles, CA. "You can't manage what you don't measure." —Katrina Shum, sustainability officer, Lush • 100% Boar Bristle • Longer 4" Barrel for Wider Sections • Achieves Volume, Shine, and Longer-Lasting Blow-Dries • Sets ANY Style Volume, Curled, or Straight • Decreases Breakage and Static • Reduces the Collection of Lint Contact us at 800.215.2012 email: Cosmoprof Booth# DBS 80

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