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68 August 2017 | it's important for a number of reasons. It provides you with a baseline for future progress, it highlights seasonal changes and their effects on your energy costs, and it will keep you focused on the prize—saving money! TIP #1 Turn off the lights. Turn off the lights when you, or a staff member, are the last person to leave the room, such as a lunchroom, restroom or storage area. If that's not convenient, add an inexpensive timer or room occupancy sensor to do the job for you. And of course, implement a company program to turn off everything at closing time. Tierney says try not to forget any- thing. "Turn off cash registers, computers, printers and any other equipment by end of night," she says. TIP #2 Put equipment on a power strip. Even when you think a piece of equip- ment is off, it may not be. Many electron- ics items such as computers, monitors, printers, TVs and appliances use a lot of electricity even when the switch is off. Tierney recommends that beauty store owners "purchase a smart surge protector that will shut off power to all devices that are plugged into it." That way, you need to flip just one switch to turn off all the energy vampires at once. Adjory makes it a nightly ritual. She says, "Every time we leave the salon, we unplug our blow dryers. And for every- thing else, we have a device that shuts off everything." TIP #3 Switch to LED lighting. Swapping out incandescent and CFL lights and replacing them with LED lights will save you a significant amount on your electricity bill—and you'll see that immediately reflected on your energy- use spreadsheet. If you are now using CFL bulbs, that's a good start. Tierney says, "CFL bulbs use 75-percent less energy and can last five-times longer than incandescent bulbs. Over the life of the bulb, $30 per bulb can be saved." But the future is the LED bulb. Adjory says, "The first step is the light bulbs. Switch from the older bulbs that create heat and force you to turn on the air conditioning. With LED lights, they put out almost no heat and last practically forever." TIP #4 Replace magnetic ballasts. If your beauty store has fluorescent tube lights, make sure they have electronic ballasts and not the older magnetic bal- lasts. If your lights flicker or you can hear a buzz when you turn them on, you have the magnetic ballasts. Switching to elec- tronic ballasts will save you 50 percent on the energy they use. Electronic ballasts are inexpensive and easy to replace. And while you're at it, swap out the tubes for new LED tubes and you'll save even more. The EPA reports that a lighting upgrade from T8s (fluorescent light bulbs) to LED lights, can result in a 30-percent reduction in energy consumption. TIP #5 Turn down the temperature on your water heater. You probably don't require boiling hot water from the tap in your beauty store or salon. Turn down the temperature gauge on the tank to warm, which should be fine for washing hands as well as clients' hair. If you have an older tank, consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient one. In addition, older gas water heaters can release dangerous fumes when not properly maintained. So check it regularly. TIP #6 Turn up the thermostat to 76°F in the summer. Remember that heating and cooling account for almost half of beauty store and salon energy consumption. So, set the thermostat to 76 degrees in the sum- mer to reduce costs. When customers first walk into your beauty store from a hot parking lot, your store will feel cool, even if the air conditioning is set to 76 degrees. To keep them cool, you can install a ceiling fan or MARKET YOUR GREEN SIDE Make sure to promote your energy conservation by letting customers know that you are trying to do your part to save energy, reduce waste and help the environment. Monica Tierney, the founder of Sustainable Beauty Network, says, "Get in the habit of asking customers if they want a bag and paper receipt. Many customers are okay with having a receipt emailed to them." Here are more marketing ideas to try: A Offer e-receipts rather than printed ones. Most importantly, you get your customer's email address while saving on paper and printing costs. A Provide shopping bags that are made from recycled materials. A Have reusable shopping bags printed with your store name on them. A Make sure to highlight your energy-reduction goals and achievements on your website. A Add a few eco-friendly products to your inventory and monitor the sales. A Most printing vendors offer an option to have marketing brochures, flyers or business cards printed on recycled paper, which is almost as inexpensive as regular paper. So, choose recycled paper. A Find a green cause to support, and promote it in your store and on your website, such as wildlife conservation or planting trees. Pick one that suits you and your business and let your customers know you care. "Being green is really about caring for one another—caring for yourself and caring for other people—and caring for the planet we live on." —Roya Adjory, Nori's Eco Salon, founder Lush replenishes all energy used with renewable wind and low-impact hydro sources. Courtesy of Lush

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