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AUG 2017

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54 August 2017 | going above and beyond behind the chair; somebody that wants to create looks that no one has ever done." This falls in line with one of CROC's previous vision statements: Bold, powerful, effortless. CROC tools are designed to empower the stylist to go above and beyond what they thought was possible. These days, CROC's current mission statement—"Where beaut y meets brains"—inspires on several levels. The products them- selves combine attractive, ergonomic shapes and designs with intelligent technology, and stylists can use their brains to create something beautiful with them. "We create some of the most pio- neering technologies and innovation in the industry," Singh says. "Trendset- ting types of technologies—that's what we're known for." By taking stock of CROC's direction and revamping its vision every five years or so, the brand has stayed fresh and kept its forward momentum. "We have 10 to 15 years of technology already in our pipeline that we haven't brought to market yet," he says. "So we're very excited about the future and bringing this vision to life." CROCODILE SMILE The dedication to innovation is what led to the creation of CROC's flagship product: the classic flat iron. It's also what led to the brand's name; the streamlined shape of the flat iron looks like a crocodile's head. It's easy to use and handle, as well as lightweight and gentle on the wrist, hand and elbow, so a stylist who spends all day working with hair won't get aches or pains. In addition to its sleek exterior, the flat iron features several technologies unique to CROC products, such as its black tita- nium coating. The coating on the plates is a nonstick, non-static formula that allows for a one-pass glide, making hairstyling faster and easier. The nonstick coating dissipates any electric charge that may pass from the stylist to the flat iron, preventing the electronics from getting overdone. CROC was the first to use ventilation in a flat iron—technology that dissipates heat from the panels to keep them from overheating, saving both the internal elec- tronics and the skin and hair of the stylist and model. Both the ventilation system and the black titanium coating work together to save the delicate electronics inside the iron. Significantly, both elements are CROC trade secrets. "That makes it very difficult to copy our products," Singh says. CROC also has a line of flat irons that feature infrared technology. The infrared heats up the hair cuticles from the inside out, making for a tighter seal, shinier hair and less heat damage, as well as locking in moisture. With a design made specifically with the stylist in mind to these one-of-a-kind technologies that make styling both easier and faster, it's not hard to see why CROC's flagship flat iron became a favorite. BLOWING AWAY THE COMPETITION After the flat iron, CROC's revolutionary hair dryer is its best-loved product. "We did some research, and we found that around 90 to 99 percent of the dryers in the marketplace use technology based on something invented in France in the 1890s," Singh says. That dryer, which uses an ana- log system, made its way to the U.S. in the 1920s and has continued to dominate the market since. CROC took inspiration from the tele- phone and computer industries. After all, if phones could advance past the analog, switch-based phase, why not hair dry- ers? That's how they ended up creating one of the world's first digital hair dryers. Going digital provided a host of benefits: traditional switches are replaced with an easy-to-use touchpad, and the dryer itself is lighter, quieter and more durable (it won't break if it's dropped, as many analog dryers are liable to). There are performance benefits, too. Digital hair dryers have a higher tempera- ture range—230 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 140 degrees for traditional hair dryers. That's not all. CROC's digital dryer is the first and only dual-voltage hair dryer on the market. The digital technology allows the dryer to sense the voltage flowing into it, so it's safe for international usage. "This is just the beginning for us in terms of the dryer revolution. We've got around five or six new designs that we've already started on, and some new and improved technology," Singh says. PREMIUM PRODUCTS CROC's dedication to improving its prod- ucts and its focus on digital technologies come with a side benefit: its products have longer lifespans and lower defect rates. "We custom-design and engineer every single piece," Singh says. "We do not white- label product; all of it is made in-house." The control CROC has over its pro- duction and manufacturing has led to one of the lowest product defect rates in HIGH-TECH HAIR CARE CROC has carved out its niche with innovative products that raise the bar. Check out their latest and greatest hits. • The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron: With its iconic, ergonomic designs, CROC's line of flat irons is the cornerstone of the brand. The New Classic Infrared Flat Iron is easy to use, faster to style with and creates hairstyles that last longer. Made from black titanium, it detoxifies and deodorizes hair while sealing in moisture for a luminous shine. Useable on all hair types, including coarse and color-treated hair. Suggested retail price: $195 • Premium IC Blow Dryer: CROC's fully digital blowdryer, the Premium Intelligent Circuit dryer, features a touchpad design and ceramic and tourmaline technology to provide hair with an unmatched ion-based conditioning treatment. With temperature controls that heat up to 400 degrees, plus controls for both airflow and heat, this lightweight, durable and quiet appliance provides unbeatable performance. SRP: $195 "We have 10 to 15 years of technology already in our pipeline that we haven't brought to market yet." Courtesy of Croc

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