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AUG 2017

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WHERE BEAUTY MEETS BRAINS There's a duality to the brand: on one side there's CROC, the face of the brand and its products; and on the other, there's Turbo Ion, spearheading the research and development that goes into making those products. This theme continues in CROC's choice of office locations. While CROC is an American company with its main headquarters for research and development in Buena Park, California, CROC also has manufacturing offices in South Korea and China. The dualities end there. In every other sense, CROC has a single-minded focus on its vision: to be the place where innovation merges with performance and style. Justin Singh, executive director of CROC and Turbo Ion, has been part of the venture since the beginning. An associ- ate introduced him to CROC's founder when Park was looking for a business partner to help support his burgeoning ideas. Singh's background is in business development. He's worked with build- ing several startups from the ground up—founding them, launching them, and ultimately selling them or taking them public. When he was approached about CROC, Singh had just exited a venture in the bio and nanotech industry, priming him perfectly for a foray into a new tech- focused business like CROC. "CROC, essentially, is centered around technology, research, development and innovation. The idea is to be able to provide some of the most cutting-edge innovations that are inspired from other industries," Singh says. "How do we take technologies that are so advanced and work so well for other industries, and apply them to the beauty business? That's really what drives this company." BOLD, POWERFUL, EFFORTLESS "We took a unique approach," Singh says of the business. "As opposed to getting a stylist to head the organiza- tion, [Park] decided to have more techy individuals join the company, and to drive the business through technology and innovation." Park himself has a background in engineering and "a knack for innovation and design," Singh says. He leveraged this technology-focused background to engineer a flat iron that would become CROC's flagship product, with an ergo- nomic design specifically crafted with professional stylists in mind. Launching a winning product right out of the gate, Park established a strong foundation for the business to continue innovating, creating and testing new products. His vision to leverage the tech- nology of other industries, from medi- cal to telecommunications, and even automotive and aeronautics, opened a floodgate of untapped potential to advance the beauty industry. While Park focused on innovating the technology, Singh brought fresh vision to CROC's branding and marketing. Consumers want a product that's both sexy and smart, Singh says, so they focused on building a brand that would be recognized for that. "Besides our products being beautifully designed, they're also intelligently designed," he says. While CROC started by focusing on the technology side—single-mindedly pursuing advanced and innovative ideas—the vision has modified over the years toward more holistically blending its tech and beauty aspects. "It's not just about buying a tool with advanced technology, it's buying into a lifestyle," Singh says. "[CROC products are for people] interested in furthering their careers; somebody that's interested in "How do we take technologies that are so advanced and work so well for other industries, and apply them to the beauty business? That's really what drives this company." 52 August 2017 | Tae J. Park Justin Singh Courtesy of Croc Croc's ad campaign fulfi lls its vision to be "Bold, Powerful, Effortless."

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