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AUG 2017

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42 August 2017 | BRIGHTENING There are many factors that contribute to skin brightening—exfoliation, moisturizing and ingredients like vitamin C—and Farmacy happens to have a mask medley that provides overall brightening. "Our beloved Hydrating Coconut Gel Masks showcase our approach beautifully," says Mark Veeder, Farmacy's cofounder. "They provide intensive hydration and restore the skin's balance, while the coconut gel sheet releases its complex of components to provide the skin's surface layers with a penetrating surge of active ingredients." Veeder calls the masks "supercharged skincare solutions," that "fit like a second skin so you can wear them on the go, be it on a plane or at home making dinner. After a 20- to 25-minute treatment, you simply peel off the mask and massage the remaining serum into the skin. Skin radiance, moisture and tone are improved after just one use." To get all of those brightening benefits, Malla recommends this strategy for using sheet masks. She says, "Once you have the backing peeled off, you will begin applying the sheet from the top and slowly lay it onto the eyes, temples and nose area, working your way down to the chin, pressing it onto the face and smoothing it out as you go. You can adjust it as needed, since everyone has a different facial structure. Take the remaining serum inside the package and rub it all over the neck and décolletage while you are masking so these areas will benefit as well. Sheet masks were meant to be used while laying down—this is where you will have the best absorption and see the difference once you peel it away." PURIFICATION Countless potions and lotions for clearing blemishes stock beauty store shelves. Although benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and tea tree oil remain in demand, one break- through in the acne battle is the use of charcoal. Activated charcoal works as a sponge of sorts, absorbing dirt and oil from the skin. When it comes to dispensing concentrated ingredients into acne-prone skin, sheet masks can be quite potent. "In my opinion, sheet masks are more effective at delivering topical ingredients into the skin than traditional topical and mud masks," Malla says. "The sheet itself helps to occlude the ingredients and hold them onto the skin, which helps the skin to retain them better. Most sheet masks are saturated in as much as one to two ounces of serum or product, so this is a high concentration of product per treatment." With its roots in Korea, Soo Ae offers a purifying charcoal sheet mask, the Hanbang Charcoal Flower Mask. Formulated with a blend of "hanbang" ingredients, traditional Korean herbal medicine, the mask is favored among Soo Ae's devotees. "This is one of our best-sellers and favorite masks, as it offers immense benefits for almost all skin types—oily, dry, combination and sensitive," says Janice Kang, director of marketing at Soo Ae. Charcoal masks work to purify and detoxify the skin through activated charcoal. This mask uses binchotan charcoal, the highest-quality activated charcoal that's also used to absorb chemicals in tap water, enhance blood circulation in a hot bath and even make soil healthier. People are exposed to pollutants and pore-clogging toxins every day. A charcoal mask can alleviate that exposure. Kang says, "Where there are people, there are cars and air pollution, and other harmful environmental stressors. These stressors tend to wreak havoc on our complexions, weakening their normal functions and deteriorating the skin's balance and health. This is where our charcoal-infused masks are able to help the skin to detoxify and purify itself from pollutants, thus helping skin's recovery functions." "Sheet masks were meant to be used while laying down—this is where you will have the best absorption and see the difference once you peel it away." –Wendy Malla, licensed esthetician

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