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AUG 2017

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22 August 2017 | From left: 4kodiak, Trexdigital , Joe Petersburger, Creativ Studio Heinemann Exotic, unusual and effective—13 traditional Korean-beauty skincare ingredients to know, plus products to consider for your store. By Nikki Gratson S tocking your shelves with the top skincare superstars brought to you by the Seoul sisters of the Far East can mean big revenue for your business. The global obsession and overwhelming success of Korean beauty (or K-beauty) is due in part to the pervasive beauty movement's resolute "skin care before makeup" methodology. Passionate about the health, care and beauty of their enviable visages from a young age, Korean women are taught to practice preventive measures with a skincare regimen early rather than constantly chase solutions as they age like their American counterparts. In America and countries throughout Europe, the trend seems to be about temporary solutions to cover and conceal existing issues as opposed to getting to the heart of the problems by implementing targeted treatments to nix them for good. In South Korea, women spend twice as much on beauty products than American women, and Korean men are the only men worldwide that routinely care for their skin—which includes the occasional spa visit.

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