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AUG 2017

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16 August 2017 | solidcolours, Follow these fi ve top practices when partnering with manufacturers reps to set your store up for success. By Manyesha Batist our relationships with manufacturers reps are some of the most significant partnerships you will forge in the beauty industry. Manufacturers reps help their clients (manufacturers) get retail placement in your store. But for you, the retailer, reps can aid in securing a competitive edge in the marketplace by tipping you off about brands that haven't yet hit the market, getting you better deals on offerings and, ultimately, helping you position your store for success. Some industry insiders have said that manufacturers reps are as much beauty and business consultants as they are reps—but they can only be of value to savvy storeowners who take advantage of their abounding industry, customer, product and business knowledge. As some retailers have shared, these reps are often the first to sell new products, and can offer deeper insight into what the customer wants and can be counted on for quality control, particularly when dealing with overseas products. "It was strictly business in the beginning," says Janice Fredericks, CEO and founder of Fabulous Freddy's Beauty Supply Boutique in Queens, New York, which works with about 20 different manufacturers reps at a time. "What can we get from them? What can they get from us? Over time, most reps have become like coworkers to me. We are working together to bring the best experience to the customer. I have some reps that are huge supporters of my business and work with me outside of the manufacturer-retailer space."

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