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What trade shows do you attend? We love ISPA and just attended our first Indie Beauty Expo, which truly was a great experience. How did you develop the idea for your company? Whish has evolved over the years from a natural shaving line to a high-performance natural skincare line. Our marketing mes- sage has always been the same: it looks beautiful, smells beautiful, feels beautiful, and it actually works. Who are some of the celebrities you work with? We have worked with Lauren Cohan, Selena Gomez and Lauren Conrad. We also work with a lot of celebrity makeup artists, which we love! What was it like to be a finalist at Beauty Pitch last year and what did you gain from that experience professionally and personally? Businesswise, it made me feel like we have come a really long way in this industry, and I felt proud that we were part of it after building our company from the ground up. Personally, it made me realize I have finally overcome my stage fright! What has been your biggest challenge as a CEO? Delegating. I love every part of our busi- ness and sometimes I think I am too involved in everything. We have a great team and I know they get the job done, but I also want to stay in tune with all aspects of our business. You can't fix something if you don't know it's broken. It is hard because my husband and I did everything in the beginning, so we are both perfectionists. I think we are getting better, but it is hard to let go. What is a career highlight of yours? I think our launch in Nordstrom in 2009 was, and will always be, my career highlight. I remember when we started Whish, I went to a Nordstrom Beauty Trend show and I said to myself, "If only I could be part of this show someday, that would be amazing." And when I finally was, I was literally in tears. If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why? I have to honestly say, I already work with that person—my husband. He amazes me every day with his ability to get things done. He can literally figure out anything and I am so lucky to spend my days at work with him! What are your future goals for your company? To continue to innovate when it comes to products, but also continue to build a great company for our employees. What was the last "problem" you had to find a solution for? We were experiencing very long lead times for a service that is part of our packag- ing. We started doing some research and found that we could actually do it in-house and not only increase our flexibility but also shave a month off of our lead time. Can you tell us about your Massage Envy collaboration? Massage Envy is a great partnership; their corporate office is here in Scotts- dale as well and the relationship formed Whish founders, Aimee and Jesse Werner

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