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JUN 2017

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46 June 2017 | To create 2017's gorgeous hair looks, pros and consumers need to work with the very best products. Here's our guide to beauty's prime styling aids and tools. by Manyesha Batist chieving the perfect hairstyle requires patience, prowess, and the right tools and products. Cutting-edge hairstyling appliances help turn limp locks into voluminous beach waves, unruly curls into silky straight strands, and add cool designs to fades and crew cuts. The hairstyling aids that accompany them are no small factor. They help maintain the integrity of the hair, strengthen it while styling and, ultimately, help capture the looks! "Today's trends continue to address all lengths of hair: long, medium and short. What we are looking at more is making sure that the textures are smoother and silkier so that the manageability is easier," says David Bechet, global artist for CHI Deep Brilliance. "It's important that we use the right styling aids and tools to assist us in achieving not only the looks but the health of the hair that's needed to retain the looks." Both hairstyling aids and appliances have been influenced by and have helped influence hairstyling trends over the decades, bringing to life some of the most formidable and manageable hair creations ever worn. When a woman takes a curling wand to her straight strands, or runs mousse through her locks, she is looking for a transformative effect—one that reflects the latest trends and/or her own personal style. This is the true power and value of hairstyling aids and appliances. "Hairstyling appliances have a significant impact on new fashion or beauty trends, and fashion or beauty trends will subsequently influence the development of hairstyling aids," says Jessica Zeinstra, international education man- ager for Andis, barber and beauty division. "When a new tool is first introduced to the market, a new wave of styles and techniques are sure to follow, and vice versa." She notes '80s hairstyles, which are reemerging, and along with them the tools that produce them—such as the crimping iron—but "in a brand-new way," she adds. This is because using modern tools and techniques can create a new twist on decades-past styles. The following are some of the top hairstyling aids and appliances on the market to help your customers get "the look"—past or present!

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