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JUN 2017

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Page 36 of 75 | June 2017 35 LIQUID LIPSTICKS This trend has been so huge that it has become a category of its own. Recall that 2016 was all about matte lips, with each brand launching its own version. From the market-shattering sales of Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits to the infamous liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Kat Von D, Dose of Colors and more, this makeup category is as oversaturated as some of the formulas themselves. The rise of liquid lipsticks continues with new and improved formulas and delivery systems; it's also a trend that's here to stay. All retailers should stock a selection of different liquid lipsticks, mixing up the colors every season and offering these products at different price points for various demographics. While matte lips are still popular, metal- lic lipsticks have taken the spotlight and continue to do so as formulations advance—not to mention new lip top- pers designed to be worn over matte liquid lipsticks to give lips a shiny, metal- lic look without the need to buy all new shades. My prediction is that neon matte liquid lipsticks will be next for this category. I am truly looking forward to a highlighter yellow liquid lipstick making its way into the market. Now that we've covered the changes in current trends, let's look at what every- one will be wearing and talking about in the months ahead! GLOSSY SKIN We have all seen and heard of glossy lids—a common editorial makeup look seen in fashion magazines spanning the globe. This difficult-to-wear look con- tinues to be popular, with gloss moving from the lids to now acting as face and body highlighter. Brands are launching balms, oils and glossy liquid gels as high- lighters for the cheekbones, harking back to the "less is more" trend. Give your customers options, such as less obvious sparkling powder highlighters and other products to achieve glowing, dewy skin. These glossy products offer a high- shine payoff and allow customers to see their skin's natural texture through the product. Balms are also being used on the body to highlight the chest, collar- bones and shoulders, for an overall wet look. The shiny finish is also now becom- ing popular for blushes and lip products, as dewy lips are all the rage and matte lips fall in popularity. MICROBLADING Brows, as before, remain a big trend going forward. But this year, it's all about imperfect, au naturale brows that require less product to achieve the look. Brow texturizing mascaras are a popular trend because they add fibers to brows and hold brow hairs in place. Micro- and triangular-shaped waxy brow pencils are also a big hit, as they add shape and texture, but can be used to draw on tiny brow hairs, giving the brows a naturally "undone" appearance. Microblading, a semi-permanent tat- too technique that uses a manual tool rather than a machine to draw on natural hair, is one of the biggest trends in brows right now. The process is time-consuming and precise but the results are incredible, which explains why this beauty treatment is becoming a popular service in salons and retail stores alike. Those that don't have naturally thick brows are loving this technique for its semi-permanent proper- ties. Microblading lasts up to three years before it starts fading and needs touching up. The procedure takes about two to three hours as the brow specialist maps out the new brows in pencil, meticulously measuring to ensure perfect placement before applying topical numbing gel and beginning the blading. Dye is matched to the brow hairs and dispensed into small cuts made by the microblading tool. The result is gorgeous, natural-looking brows that need little to no product. The treat- ment ranges in price, upwards of $900, and requires two to three sessions. STROBING, NONTOURING AND DRAPING The next group of trends pertains to the complexion. As mentioned, harsh con- touring is being replaced by new methods to sculpt, enhance and chisel our features, like strobing, "nontouring" and draping. Strobing is the application of highlighter to places on the high points of the face, used in conjunction with a darker shade to sculpt; this enhances the features and gives a very youthful glow. Strobing is achieved by using liquid, stick or powder on the cheekbones, down the center of the nose, brow bones, tear ducts and the Cupid's bow; retailers should keep their highlighting products grouped together, as this trend is here to stay. "Nontouring," although not actually a word, is the technique of chiseling and sculpting the face with a warm matte bronzer rather then carving out the hol- lows and thinning out the nose. Product is placed across the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, temples and forehead for a glowing, chic bronzed look. Bronzers continue to be a popular category, with muted matte types being the most popu- lar because they can be used to contour and bronze the skin simultaneously. Draping refers to the '80s makeup trend of draping blush from the temples to the cheekbones and on the sides of the eyes. The look is dramatic, but can be worn in a more subtle and playful way to take the look from runway to every- day. To achieve this trend, your customers can apply a cream or powder bronzer on the upper cheekbones and sweep it upwards and outwards towards the temples. This placement is avant-garde yet looks surprisingly chic and sculpts the face beautifully. GLITTER LIPS AND BROWS Just because we are going back to basics when it comes to makeup looks in 2017, we are certainly not shying away from glitter! utkamandarinka, All retailers should stock a selection of different liquid lipsticks, mixing up the colors every season and offering these products at different price points for various demographics. This year is all about a natural look, using techniques like strobing and microblading.

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