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34 June 2017 | Makeup Musings What's Hot, and What's Not The latest makeup trends for summer 2017 revealed. by Lori Leib T his year's beauty mantra appears to be, "throw away your beauty inhibitions," calling for a fresh, new take on makeup. It's time to leave the overdone (the over-filtered, over-filled, overdrawn, over-contoured and over-highlighted) look in the past. With this mantra, beauty junkies can embrace trends one step at a time. They no longer need to feel overwhelmed by quick fixes that leave them with drawers full of products they never use while they save for the next slew of glittery concoctions or more palettes. Understanding your customers and the trends that interest them is vital to your business—and, as you know, trends can vary demographically. Makeup and beauty retailers also know that integrating the newest trends into their stores involves keeping up to date with the latest social media crazes. To do this, study the spending habits of your customers; while your younger millennials stay on top of the trends, their buying power is less than that of your late millennials and Gen X consumers, who ensure core products continue to sell. When it comes to trendy products, know that overly colorful and glittery ones will catch the eyes of a younger crowd, thus these items should be lower in price. Skincare products and anti-aging makeup can be priced higher because these products are more attractive to your higher earning, and older, clientele. Here's a review of last year's trends and a peak at what's hot for summer 2017. Use this knowledge to stay ahead of the curve and keep your customers excited about your offerings! Before jumping into the current makeup looks that are dominating our social media feeds, let's recap 2016 and the techniques that are slowly leaving the limelight. CONTOURING Although this makeup technique will forever live long and prosper, the oversaturated market of contouring products has taken a backseat to today's youthful, dewy look. Thankfully, the overdone makeup look that infiltrated our culture in 2016 has been toned down, as consumers are more in favor of a natural glow. Contouring kits, sticks and palettes will continue to sell well, however the focus is moving towards fresher, more natural-looking skin. Customers are learning to embrace their imperfections rather than purely trying to cover them up. A slew of new videos on YouTube and Instagram show beauty influencers doing their makeup on only one side, presenting an "Instagram perfect" look on one half, and an everyday look on the other. This demonstrates that consumers are fed up with flawless images of makeup looks that are unrealistically edited or unapproachable. Today's women want makeup to enhance their features— presented in a way that's easy and attainable. BAKING This makeup technique that originated in the drag world sets concealer with loads of loose setting pow- der; used together, the two products "bake," ensuring longer wear and zero creasing. It is targeted more toward the professional than the consumer. While baking leaves the skin matte and beautiful, for 2017, visible, glowing and even glossy skin is all the rage. Powders are still popular, but new formulations promise to leave the skin glowing and gorgeous while still controlling oil and shine. DRAWN-ON BROWS Perfectly polished brows are giving way to their fluffier, feathered counterpart: the boy brow. Often called "Ins- tagram brows," these overly filled-in, drawn-on brows can instantly add years, creating a harsh look. Today's trending brows take a more natural approach. Long-wearing brow pomades and gels are being replaced with texturizing "browscara," waxy powders and pencils used to create a haphazard yet natural brow that is youthful, approachable and easy to achieve. Think Cara Delevingne or Brooke Shields; their fluffy, natural brows are edgy yet groomed enough to be acceptable. FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATIONS Extremely popular among makeup artists and beauty vloggers, new advanced-foundation formulas offering coverage with a lightweight feel are paving the way for foundations in the future. Thick, full-coverage conceal- ers and foundations are slowing down as consumers want flawless-looking skin without wearing layers of makeup. Water-based formulas are popping up all over the place, promising to offer coverage with built-in hydration for a luxurious feel on the skin. The emphasis on 2017's lighter-weight foundations leave no doubt about the potential growth of skincare-infused makeup. Courtesy of Lori Leib, Bodyography Professional Cosmetics Customers are learning to embrace their imperfections rather than purely trying to cover them up.

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