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JUN 2017

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32 June 2017 | You are so true to yourself and believe in the brands you use. Why is it so important that hairstylists and influencers support brands they actually love and use? In order to have a loyal clientele, you have to believe in what you use, and when I find a product that meets my expecta- tions, I stick to it. What's the best compliment you've ever received? "I am pursuing a career in hair because of you." What was your most recent highlight? Opening my dream salon and having amazing artists under me. What are some of the projects you are currently working on? It's a bit too soon to speak about it. It's very exclusive and I can't share just yet —but stay tuned! How do you find balance? Currently, I am still searching for it because I am a new business owner and am learning every day. Where do you get your creativity? From my everyday surroundings. The Earth itself has endless color schemes. If we only take a moment to appreciate what's around us, everyone can discover their inner creative artist. What is a typical day like for you? I wake up at 7 a.m., go to work, then the gym and home. Who are some artists that inspire you? Jacob H. Khan, Philip Ring and my team at my salon: Olivia Casanova, Garret Arter, Tonia Jost and Geraldo Caton. What's something you'd like to see change in the beauty industry? I would love less gossip, more competitions and a lot more support amongst all artists. When are you going to start your own line? Soon. Stay tuned! What are three things you have with you at all times? Starbucks coffee, my phone and my hat. What is a piece of advice you can offer to entrepre- neurs/stylists looking to start their own business? To stay inspired and to never compare yourself to others. Also, double your budget! What are your future goals? To open more salons in different states and to open my own academy. What do you want to be known for? For making dreams come true. ■ Breanna Armstrong is a freelance writer and editor in Orange County, CA. "It feels amazing to be able to empower and inspire other women." Get Connected! @larisadoll and @larisalovesalon WHAT HER TEAM SAYS Hear from beauty-industry influencers on what they have to say about Larisa Love. "Larisa's finished looks are so effortless. Her fashion sense is one hundred, and it's amazing to atch girls every here look up to her for the strong and driven man she is." —Philip Ring (@phildoeshair) "Larisa has a magnetic Instagram presence. She is an inspiration to al ho foll r." —Tonia Jost (@tonia_ jost) "If peop re cars that ran off of passion, Larisa ld be the fastest." —Garret Arter (@thehairmachine) "She is driven, inspiring and giving. She never sets excuses and sh s us houldn't either." —Geraldo Caton (@hairaldo) "Larisa is probably one of the most generous bosses I've ever encountered. She takes care of us and is all about helping us gr . There's a lot of love in here [at the Larisa Love Salon]." —Olivia Casanova (@livcasanovahair)

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