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JUN 2017

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Page 30 of 75 | June 2017 29 Born in the Ukraine and raised in a strict religious household, Love moved to the United States with her family when she was 6 years old. She attended Marinello Schools of Beauty in Pomona, California, graduating in 2010 to pursue her dream. The focused discipline she learned as a child served her well as she worked and fed the well-oiled social media machine responsible for making her the artist she is today. Here, Love opens up about how she maintains bal- ance in her busy life, a possible new wet line and her hopes to open more salons and an academy in the future. Beauty Store Business: Do you go back to the Ukraine often? Larisa Love: My life is immensely busy now, especially with owning a business, so going back to visit has been nearly impossible; but I would love to when the opportunity arises. How has social media helped your brand? It has made my career more amazing than expected by being able to reach thou- sands of people through just one post. It's free marketing, if used correctly. How do you deal with negativity online? I let it go and don't pay attention to it. Instead, I stay focused on my goals. What are some of the changes you've seen on Instagram and social media over the years? Pages are becoming more and more professional, which is making it a lot more competitive. So, one must con- tinuously stand out by being unique and staying creative. Where do you think social media is going? It's definitely a trend that is not fading anytime soon. It is now the new era of showing off your work. Almost like an online portfolio, available 24 hours, anywhere in the world. It's the new way of living life through a click of a button. You teach classes with Philip Ring and Jacob Khan; can you tell us about that project and how it started? Phil and I have been friends for a few years now. Our chemistry was instant and we just knew we needed to collaborate and provide our followers with an amazing new way of teaching classes. We eventually decided to add Jacob as we felt his cutting techniques were impeccable and we are now an amazing trio! You are CosmoProf's first brand ambassador ever! Can you explain how that happened and a little about your experience with CosmoProf? I was invited to do a meet and greet at a CosmoProf-sponsored event. That's when they noticed the impact I had on the industry, and the outcome was so impressive they decided I would be the perfect fit as their very first ambassador, and, of course, I accepted! My relation- ship with CosmoProf has been a dream come true. What are some of your duties with CosmoProf? Brand awareness, promotions, travel and education just to name a few. How often are you traveling? Minimum two weekends per month. Typically, about 10 shows a year. What is a typical day at a show like for you? It includes prepping models, live demos, teaching exclusive techniques, meet and greets, dinner with my CosmoProf family and a few hours of rest. How do you decompress? I try to squeeze in a personal vacation every three months. At shows, you are constantly getting flocked by your loving fans ... What has being in the limelight as a talented influencer been like? It has been the most rewarding experi- ence and I just feel so blessed. Luckily, "I still sometimes can't believe fans are there for me, which gives me motivation to continue to be a role model for other aspiring artists." Larisa Love completely customized her Studio City salon to refl ect her creative vision.

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