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JUN 2017

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16 June 2017 | One of the company's growing pains involved learning how to accurately price the products. While the items were origi- nally available through Mini Mani Moo's website, soon after they launched, other stores wanted to feature their items. Mark and Andreina learned that if stores wanted displays and promos, they needed to price the products differently than what they were charging online in order to turn a profit. "The good part was, because we didn't come from this industry, we're super fresh and we started things up really fast," Andreina says. Rather than focusing and planning on product launches that would happen two years down the line, they were able to focus on the immediate future. It took much trial and error and hard work to get started, yet being a small company has allowed Mark and Andreina to have total control of the products they create and how they're presented to the world. Andreina is a creative force tending to multiple aspects of the business. "[The company is] much more than her just having an idea; most people don't realize that," Mark says. For example, Andreina taught herself how to use Adobe Illus- trator in order to design the company's catalogue. She also built the company's website, manages the social media posts and designs every aspect of all the products, from creating the logo and packaging to formulating them. "She's incredibly creative and modest," Mark says. "She's 28 years old. She knows what women her age want and how to reach them. We were also able to take a fresh approach by being very socially conscious. We really are a brand that targets millennials. We knew that social interaction is what millennials want." With 120,000 Instagram followers and 625,000+ Facebook fans (at the time of print), Mark and Andreina send targeted posts directly to their consumers. The couple says that people all over the world also use their products in video tutorials. The organic, viral word of mouth has addi- tionally helped grow the brand. At last year's Cosmoprof North America trade show in Las Vegas, Mini Mani Moo taped a Facebook livestream of a nail art stamping demo. The 10-minute video garnered more than 1.4 million views in four days. "We're very in touch with how to reach that global audience of millennials through video and current technology," Mark says. A FRESH LICK OF PAINT With an endless variety of nail polishes for consumers to choose from, Mark and Andreina knew they needed to create truly unique products. "We don't just sell any kind of nail products. We have innovative products that are made in the U.S., and we strive to do everything animal cruelty-free. We don't just copy products," Andreina says. While Mess No More! is a pat- ented formula, other brands have tried to imitate it. Mini Mani Moo was the first brand to do stamping polishes "because they're highly pigmented," Andreina says. "They're not just for regular application; they're for everything nail art." The company's gold chrome powder doesn't have a regular gold hue; it's a mirror pigment with an antique gold finish, made with FDA- and EU- approved ingredients free of carcinogens like cobalt dioxide. "So that's what we are—we're an innovative com- pany, not just a nail company. [The products we pro- duce] are not already there on the market; we're creating these new products," Andreina says. Mini Mani Moo is excited to launch their next breakout star: Moo Gel—a peel-off base coat that turns any nail polish into a peelable gel polish; simply apply the nail polish and cure it for 30 seconds with a LED lamp. Plus, rather than taking it off with harsh nail polish removers that contain acetone, your customers can just stick their fingers in hot water to soak the polish off. The introduction of brand-new concepts never before seen by the nail segment, coupled with hard work and drive, make Mini Mani Moo a company with a future as bright as the shades of its gel nail polish. ■ Karen Wilhelmsen is Beauty Store Business magazine's managing editor. Get Connected! @minimanimoonails "Do something that nobody else does. Try to create innovative things that people actually need." –Andreina Landis j f nail p roducts. We have d ucts t h at are ma d e i n w e strive to do everything f ree. We don't j ust copy r e i na sa y s. N o M ore ! i s a p at - o ther brands have e i t. Mi n i Ma n i fir s t b r a n d t o oli s h es "b ecause y p i gmente d , " s . "Th e y' re not ar application; ythin g nail art." s g o ld c h rome t h ave a re g u l ar a m i rror p ig ment q ue a de EU - i ent s og ens id e. w hat a n m - a T he o- INSPIRATION FROM THE INNOVATORS Mark and Andreina Landis share their best advice for budding entrepreneurs. ✔ Be Fearless: "Don't be afraid to follow your dreams. If you think you can do it, don't let anybody say you can't," Mark says. ✔ Be Unique: "My advice is, don't try to imitate other companies. Be creative, and create something that is not out there. If you want to do nail polish, that's nice … but all these other companies do an amazing job with nail polish. Do something that nobody else does. Try to create innovative things that people actually need," Andreina says. ✔ Have Integrity: "While you always want to keep your bottom line as best as possible for the business, don't sacrifice that for the integrity of what you're trying to accomplish," Mark says. He admits that while it would be cheaper to manufacturer Mini Mani Moo products in China, being able to control what's going into them and having them made in America was too important to compromise. "It's a big deal. We sell all over the world now."

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