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MAR 2017

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64 March 2017 | In 2017, Cos Bar will be opening up several new brick-and-mortar locations as well as rolling out a same-day deliv- ery program for its stores. Think about special events and services you'll be introducing to your business in the near future, and spread the word beforehand using online marketing. 5 Analyze the data to see what works. Once you have had a handful of e-news- letters go out, you can determine if your content was effective by taking a look at several factors. First, check your open rates—the number of people who opened the email. Next, determine your click-through rate, or how many people clicked a specific link so that you can see what topics or products were the most popular. Another key factor is analyzing how many people shared or forwarded your email. Last, check how many people either unsubscribed or subscribed to the newsletter. A low "unsubscribe"rate and a high engage- ment rate indicate a very successful newsletter. Be sure to analyze what content inspired such high engagement so that you can replicate your success in future newsletters. "Based on this insight, you can tweak your content and continuously improve customer engage- ment. Beyond these specific metrics, you'll want to keep track of the busi- ness actions that come from the emails you send," Charest says. Each email should a have clear-cut action item attached to it, such as getting custom- ers to order a specific product or to learn more about an upcoming trend. These are often called a "call to action." Examine the data afterwards to see if your intended purpose for the email was accomplished. "One of the upgrades we made with the new [Cos Bar] site, which launched in October, is that we track and A/B test ever y thing," Olsen says. "We're constantly looking at how emails perform and how social media per forms." In addition to checking click-through rates on emails, Cos Bar analyzes how the various windows on their website are performing, and adjust content accordingly. "When you provide information that your audience is interested in, it becomes the thing people are searching for, consuming and sharing," Charest says. "When you combine this content with email and social media, you'll set your business up for the greatest return on your marketing investment." ■ Karen Wilhelmsen is a writer and editor based in Orange County, CA. Image courtesy of Cos Bar Fax: 216-621-4994 Voice: 216-621-0992 Toll Free 800-875-3623 Alternating rows of long strand tipped nylon and boar bristle penetrate all types of hair. Spiral placement of rows allows hair to glide through easily to effortlessly create beautiful curls or to straighten hair. Ceramic coated barrel absorbes and distributes heat evenly. Phillips Brush Corp. 2202 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH 44114 Hot Stylers New counter display holds 6 pieces each of Hot Styler and the Hot Styler Maxi. Hot Styler Maxi features a new wide metal base with 9 rows of tipped nylon for faster drying and styling. The regular Hot Styler has 7 rows. Both feature ribbed rubber grips for control. Non slip, wavy foam handle contours to the hand for control. Cos Bar's Brookfi eld Place, New York, location.

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